Called to Serve the Japan Tokyo South Mission

I am so excited to serve the land of my people! Many people keep asking me questions about my mission. So I will try to answer as many as I can. First of all Tokyo South Mission is the the smallest mission area wise but it has the highest population.

ImageSecond the title of my blog is Called Hokanson Shimai. Shimai means sister in Japanese. So I’ll go by the name Hokanson Shimai!

I will be in the part of Japan that has a lot of European influence.

I will be near my great uncle and his family but the rest of my mom’s family is in the Fukuoka Mission.

I don’t know the language as well as others, but I am not worried about that. As I do the things that are required of me I will be blessed.


I am so excited! I’ve purchased my first Japanese Book of Mormon!

It is so amazing how the Book of Mormon has been translated into so many languages and that the gospel is true all around the world!


One thought on “Called to Serve the Japan Tokyo South Mission

  1. I just saw your blog while I was looking up the Japan Tokyo South Mission. I have also been called to serve there and we report to the MTC the same day! It is fun to see all that you know already about the mission! I hope you have a wonderful day and I can’t wait to meet you in the MTC.

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