Getting the Call


My sisters were on the trek so I waited patiently.   call came on 18, but I had to wait a full day to open it because my sisters were on the trek. It was fun to hear all of their trek stories when they got back. 

During the woman’s pull they said that a white dove flew over the cart as the last one made it up the hill. In the scriptures we know that a white dove represents the Holy Ghost. What a wonderful opportunity for them to feel the spirit so strongly and for their testimonies  grow. 

Once my sisters were home I had to wait two more hours. We got all the family members on Skype and some were present for the call. 

I am called to serve in the Japan Tokyo South Mission! The second I read it I knew that Imageis where I am supposed to be! I am so grateful for my friends and family who have been examples throughout my life. I am especially thankful for my life long friends Roxie Kanable and Callie Limbaugh for coming to my mission call it means a lot that they’d come because they knew it is important to me. 

I also wanted to thank everyone who came to my house and waited for me to open my call. It was awesome having everyone there!





This is the awesome Kim Morgan. She is a wonderful girl with such a sweet spirit, her happiness is contagious and you just love being around her. She is so amazing! I hope she doesn’t get married while I am on my mission! 









This is Mikayla, she is one of the strongest people you meet and not afraid to be herself. I love her and will miss her too! 



Thank you everyone who was at my mission call opening. 


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