Week 1 – MTC

The MTC is great! 

So I got dropped off at the MTC after eating lunch with Grandma Linda. At the curb two sisters picked me up and helped me get registered. The best feeling in the world is getting your missionary tag! I am so excited to wear it. We received two English name tags. Then we had a welcome meeting. 450 missionaries were at the meeting, we all entered the MTC on the same day. There are more in the Wyview campus. I think they call it Provo MTC West. I’ve doe some investigating and I think that is where all of the spanish speaking missionaries go. Anyways there was a total of 600 missionaries that arrived on Wednesday. How exciting is that? We sang songs during the meeting and my favorite part was when we sang The Army Of Helaman. Fun fact, in the MTC the words are changed to ” We are the Army of Helaman” ! So cool, I almost cried while singing that! Called to serve was fun to sing too, but the other one was my favorite.

I love it here. I have the best companion ever. She doesn’t like Otaku people either! It made me laugh when she said that. On our first day, as a group we talked to 3 investigators in English. We also had Language class. We taught our first Japanese Investigator, Oyama-san. She likes talking about Jesus Christ and she loves attending Eikiwa (English class, I probably spelled that wrong). Anyways my doryo and I were trying our best in Japanese and the best part was when we prayed and when we bore our testimonies. Our goal for the lesson was for her to feel Gods love for her. We also gave her a hug before we left. She was shocked but that is okay. We teach her again today. We are going to start off with the first part of the plan of Salvation and the we are going to talk about life on earth and lead into how the gospel blesses families.
I have ran into some friends here at the MTC. Sister Sperry, she leaves for the field in a week. Every P-day we get to go to the temple! I am so excited about that! It was a fun sight to see an army of missionaries walking up to the temple. At the end of every day I go to bed totally exhausted. It is bittersweet. I am so glad I can sleep now. My brain wouldn’t shut off the first night I got here. I don’t if I slept at all.
My doryo and I try to speak in Japanese only for atleast an hour a day. It is going okay. She mostly just repeats everything I say, but it is a start. We are also trying to memorize a couple Japanese words a day. On Thursday we practiced saying we are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Now we are working on saying all of our prayers in Japanese. It is going well so far, I just need to expand my vocabulary so my prayers don’t sound repetitive. Dad, Matsusaka Shimai and I took your challenge and we are practicing exact obedience. We are doing great! Studying has gone well, and we were only late to a couple of things because we got lost. (Another thing she and I have in common, no sense of direction).
I’m sorry to say I haven’t gotten homesick at all. There is no time for that! We are constantly trying to study or prepare for our investigator. While we work out, we listen to conference talks.
Oh that reminds me! we have 4 sisters and 5 elders in our district. I am SENIOR COMPANION, but it is because we went in alphabetical order, so in 4 1/2 weeks she will be senior. But still kinda cool. I’m not exactly sure what senior companion does. OH!!! Write me through Dearelder.com! you send an email to it and fill out my address, and I get your letters after lunch! Well you can do that if you want …
I’m trying to think if anything else happened. Oh! The sisters in my room brought way more clothes than I did! I couldn’t believe it! So much clothes! They have a bunch of bright colors and zebra stripes. But they look like they will freeze in Japanese winter. The floor I live on is pretty empty. A bunch of sisters just left to Japan. It is nice because there is no problem showering or anything like that.
They gave us like 20 lbs of books! Japanese is still pretty easy. I can understand most of the things that the Sensei says. Matsusaka shimai and I have to prepare a lesson for our investigator tonight.
Well Ai Shitte Masu!
Hokanson Shimai
Sister Hokansoz

Japan Tokyo South Mission
Sisters In Front of Map

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