Week 2 – MTC

Well I can’t really remember where I left off. I have just had the best week! Sundays are the best! Especially fast sundays. We have mission conference and it was the best! The talks were conference worthy but the most touching and inspirational part was a piano solo by Elder Pricelle. This Elder is serving in the MTC office and he has physical disabilities. He is confied to a wheelchair and has short arms, but he has the strongest testimony. He played Nearer my God to Thee and as he played it was as if the Lord lifted his disabilites and he was able to share his testimony through music. I was in tears. It was so beautiful. I was pondering during the prayer about missions, and I know that Elder Pricelle has accomplished part of his mission. He touched the hearts of all of us missionaries who are about to leave for the field.

When it was time for the MTC president to speak he asked Elder Pricelle to bear his testimony. He said that the gospel is true, he knows it. Christ will help you through trials, pains, and sufferings. Every step of every day causes him pain but he keeps going because he knows the gospel is true and he wants to share it with every one.

The MTC president later asked us to memorize the first vision from Joseph Smith’s own words because that will bring the spirit the best into our discusions. So I am slowly working on that.

Tuesday we heard from Brother Zwick of the 70ty. He told us that L. Tom Perry will be speaking to us this coming Tuesday! I am so excited. I am going to go on splits with the other sister in my district and we are going to be singing in the choir the day he comes. (Note to future missionaries: the room where we all meet gets really full and it is first come first serve, not everyone can fit so they broadcast it to other rooms on campus. Sunday and Tuesday is exceptionally packed because West and East MTC is combined. If you sing in the choir, guaranteed seat!). So yeah that is exciting.

Oh on Sundays we get to watch a movie, WATCH THE CHARACTER OF CHRIST. IT IS THE BEST!
You will love it.

I’m running out of time. My district gets along really well. I love them all. We always say that we choose to be together in the Pre-existance. I feel like I know them all already! We are going to dress in the Japan flag colors tomorrow for district bonding (red, white, and black) (black because it is hard to just wear red and white, and elders can’t have red or white pants).

Oh on Fridays we get to study PMG (preach my gospel ) for two hours and while studying outside two elders came and asked if they could bear their testimonies in Portugese. And then I decided to bear mine in Japanese. I know I messed up on some words and grammar but they said that it was amazing and the coolest thing they have ever heard!

Well I’m out of time! Feel free to send letters. They can be long.We try to print out our emails to save time and then reply 🙂 Love you all!
The gospel is true!

Ai shite imasu!

Hokanson Shimai
Sister Hokanson
Japan Tokyo South Mission

IMG_0615 IMG_0725 IMG_0729

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