Week 3 – MTC (Inception)

I have realized that I should probably make labels for the letters I write so you can label it on my blog. This week I will call it Inception. Well I actually can’t remember the definition of that word but in my brain it means, mind blown. So time is a really weird concept here at the MTC. The day goes by super slow because we are doing so much and you get so exhausted, but the weeks go by so fast! Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are the Best! The other days are just kinda of hard because we study so much that my brain just needs a quick break. But, I love it! My district is great like I said. On Sunday we all dressed in mission flag colors, (Red, White, and Black -Black because it is hard to just wear red and white). We looked good. And we took a picture by the temple! It was great!

Monday was pretty good, Oh Mom! I found out that Japan extended the citizenship age until 22! Tuesday was awesome! We taught our investigator and we are finally started to really click with her! We are just focusing everything on families, and we were teaching about the book of Mormon and how it starts with a family that listened to Christ’s teachings and they were blessed because of it. And how the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and through Jesus Christ ( and through obeying the commandments) we can be with our families together forever. Then I ate dinner really quick and went on splits so that I can sing at the devotional for L. Tom Perry. We got there an hour early. And then it got super crowded. There were so many missionaries that wanted to sing that I’m guessing they had to turn away 100-200 missionaries. Yeah there were more of us that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. And the Choir director is awesome.

He was telling us stories about L. Tom Perry. Did you know that he wears a size 15 shoe! Also his favorite word is Enthusiasm because it means filled with the spirit. So now it is my favorite word. his talk was great, but I learned more from the way he taught than from what he actually said. His words were filled with, Enthusiasm 🙂 and he just a hop to his step. He does like a skipping hop thing when he walks on to the stage and to the pulpit. He is awesome!

When he entered the room we were singing and then the spirit just hits you (kinda like a baseball bat to the face) and I just started crying. It was awesome. He talked a lot about the importance of companions. Because we are supposed to spread the gospel to all the world through the mouths of two or three witnesses. How can you teach without your companion? You can’t.

Wednesday I helped host new missionaries. Pick them up from the car and introduce them to missionary life. I will do the same thing next week. I’ll get to see Sister Athay, Elder Smith, and Sister Hokanson! So excited!

That is about it for this week. Umm spiritual thought…
Oh actually I thought of something. I encourage all of you to think of a friend who you love, or family member. And then think about how much the gospel blesses you. Then think of ways how you can share the gospel with your friend.

I know that we are all children of Kamisama. He loves us and wants to hear from us. We can all pray to him for guidance in our lives. He helps us in all ways. He loves us so much that he sent his Son, Jesus Christ to atone for our sins. The Atonement isn’t just for the sinners (which we all are) but it is for people who want to be healed, people who want to improve, and just to feel loved. I encourage you to write in your journals how the atonement has blessed your life.

I love you all!
Ai Shitte Imasu
Sister Hokanson
Japan Tokyo South Mission

The District

The District

All the new Japanese Missionaries that reported the same day
All the new Japanese Missionaries that reported the same day


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