Week 4

Dear everyone who will read this,

This week was pretty good. Sunday I went to choir practice and just normal Sunday stuff. We get to watch a movie every Sunday night. We watched the Legacy. It was a good movie. I learned a lot from it. It was pretty entertaining since we haven’t watched movies for a while. The other movie selections are usually talks that were given here at the MTC and then recorded. Character of Christ by Elder Bednar is the best! (It is a recommend that you watch it on your first week here).
Oh Mom, can you please print me a picture of my baptism day? I really want to use it for a lesson!
Teaching our investigators has gone well. Iida-san is progressing and he went to church! I was so excited! Funny story, we forgot to explain to him about the sacrament. So note to everyone, when you invite people to church, tell them what they are going to expect, or sit by them so that you can tell them what is going on!
After the lesson my Doryo ( companion) got sick. It just hit her and we had to leave class. I read my book of mormon in the hallway and just studied for the next hour and a half.
She was sick Tuesday and Wednesday also. We went to the doctor because they say if you get sick, got their right away. She just has a cold, but since she is contagious we were stuck in the residence all day. I did a lot of scripture reading. I read 45 chapters in two days.
Luckily on Wednesday, Ashby Shimai took care of Matsusaka Shimai for a couple of hours so I could go host! I hosted my cousin Jascka! I was so excited! I was so worried it wouldn’t work out. I hosted an international missionary first (that takes more time because they spent the night here and had to move all their stuff to their permanent residence). Also, that girl can talk, she is an islander and you know how they meet another islander and they just won’t leave. So I run to curb at 1:20 worried that I missed Jascka. I asked all the choro tachi ( Elders) if they had seen a red suburban. They hadn’t and then I look up and saw a red suburban! So I went running down the hill. And got to host Jascka! I mean Hermana Hokanson. (is that how you spell it).
She packed a lot. I was so out of breath walking up the hill I don’t know how she wasn’t laughing at me! I wish she was on this campus, but all is well. We get to see each other on Thanksgiving. West campus will be here all day. And I told her to join the choir so I’ll get to see her! We get to have a general authority on Thursday. Rumor has it that Elder Holland loves to come for the holidays!
Thursday, I had vertigo. I made it until like 4 pm. And then went to the doctor. who confirmed that I had vertigo. It was no big deal really, the room was just spinning and I had to lean on my doryo. No big deal! I just wanted to teach the lesson. So we went back to the residence and I slept for the rest of the day.
Friday, we finally got to go to class. We were able to keep up on all the Japanese while we were sick and we were finally able to teach our investigator! I was so happy!
Today was good, Laundry, emails, and temple! I am so sad this is the last temple trip for awhile. They are closing the Provo temple for renovations.
I received so many letters this week! Thank you everyone! Ai Shitte Imasu! ( I love you!)
I don’t think I have sent a picture of my tag yet! Here it is!
Oh yeah spiritual thought. So I know that the scriptures can guide you in your life and that you can receive revelation to your questions. I was looking for a scripture for a member. I have already read the page many times and highlighted it. I just flopped open my scriptures and at this time verse 3 stuck out to me! It was perfect! I can’t even remember why I needed it now, but the scriptures can bless you life. So read them!  Here is a picture of my scriptures.
Well I still have a little bit of time.My doryo is taking a while. What does Arimura means?

Oh that reminds me!

So in class we were deciding what are last names mean in Japanese. Some people have Nihono last names and others don’t, so we decided to look up what they mean.  I looked up Hokan, hokan suru means keeper of. San means so many different things and the one I choose was fortune.
So I decided that Hokanson means keeper of a fortune. It is so true! We are blessed to be members of the church and we know the gospel! And we know of the life hereafter and that if we are faithful to our covenants, we obey the commandments, and we endure to the end we can have eternal life and life with our families forever! I think that is so awesome.
Okay Ai Shitte Imasu ! Love you!

Sister Hokanson

Japan Tokyo South Mission
ImageImage         Hug with Sister Hokanson/Best freind/cousin Image  One of the best friends from BYU , Elder SmithImage     With her BYU roommate, Sister AthayImage  Thank you so much for the letters!!!!ImageImage

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