Miracles happen

Takusan tegami o ukemashita. Honto ni Arigato gozaimasu. Sorry my romaji writing is not very good. Thanks for the letters! My mom sent me a cute tree. Luckily I sleep on the top bunk so there was room for the tree! The ornaments are made out of Rolo wrappers 🙂 

This week has been great! I just don’t know where to start! First of all Sasha, I have seen Hermana Hokanson  a lot of times. I can’t count. But they happened mostly on Thanksgiving. I usually see her once a week. 
Sunday was fast sunday so that means that it is mission conference. We had a great talk about Joseph Smith and how to gain a testimony of him. Everyone can always work on strengthening our testimonies. President Nally asked us to commit to studying about Joseph Smith by Dec. 23. I have already started working on that. And I have learned so much. If you have never read Joseph Smith History, I suggest that you do!
Monday we taught a couple of lessons and commited Ooyama san to baptism! So exciting. Now we get to teach her husband! 
Tuesday was choir! We sang Angels we Have Heard on High. We were supposed to be singing for Elder M. Russell Ballard. But do to the weather, he couldn’t make it. We ended up listening to Brother Hayfen (used to be a general authority). His talk was excellent! We talked about the importance of temples and that we are preparing out investigators for the temple, not just for baptism. His wife told us a story of one of her granddaughters that is serving in Chile but went to Billings Montana first due to a visa issue. The whole time I was thinking of my friend Lydia, because that happened to her. And then I connected the last names and realized it was about her! How cool! She was in my YSA ward. So that made the talk even better because I realized I kind of know the speakers! 
Wednesday was Awesome! because I got my Japanese Name Tag. I just look so good in black and white 🙂 We have so many missionaries coming in! There were only 50 sisters that were hosting that day for over 720 new missionaries, so I had to host 5-6 missionaries. It was cold but worth it! I ran into Elder Lundberg. 
Thursday We taught an investigator that was having a hard time understanding the Book of Mormon.
Friday, Best lesson Ever. We just came in and bore our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and then taught him and he can get questions answered from reading this great book. We told him to write down revelation given to him. And the spirit was just so strong. Great day! I just can’t even put words down to describe this lesson! I was just smiling so much because we were able to help him!
Oh here is the miracle! So Soto Choro told us his miracle. He was in the MTC bookstore and he was in line to buy bleach for his shirts. The person who was looking at this particular container of bleach before him, decided to take off the seal and have the cap slightly off. Soto Choro did not know this. In his other hand he had his package that his family sent him. He was accidently bumped by someone and the bleach went all over and got on his suit pants. He prayed so hard that his suit pants would be fine while he ran up staires to the bathroom to clean it off. Praying that it wouldn’t stain. It changed his black sock to white (almost instantly). His shoes have bleach marks all over. And his pants are fine. Miracles happen people. You have to have faith, trust in our father in heaven, and (you don’t need pixie dust). Make sure to watch for the tender mercies that happen in your life. And Don’t forget where they came from. Say prayers of gratitidue. And make sure to Thank Kamisama for the miracles that you don’t see. Thank you for your prayers! 
Oh you are all probably wondering how the language is going. Japanese is going great. I feel like it is coming really well. We (my companion and I) try to speak it all of the time. I’m surprised how much we know. The first thing they teach you is how to pray in the language. And the second thing is learning how to bear your testimony. That is really all you need to know. But I can say really cool things now 🙂
Inoru ni yotte Kamisama ni Shitsumon ga areba kotaeru koto ga dekimasu. 
Minasan, totemo Ai Shitte Imasu. 
Hokanson Shimai
Sister Hokanson
Japan Tokyo South Mission
ImagePaper Christmas Tree!
Image My new name tag!Image 
A gift from my little brother, Andrew.

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