Week 8


So excited to tell you about my week! Since I have spoke to you last, our Dai Sempai have left for Japan and we are now Dai Sempai, that is exciting and scary at the same time! Sunday Matsusaka  Shimai and I taught a lesson on receiving revelation through the Holy Ghost. We were teaching the members in our district. It went great! We were focusing on the skill of recognizing the spirit. We came up with a list of steps. 1. you need the desire to have the spirit/ be worthy of the spirit 2. Pray for the spirit 3. When you receive a prompting write down everything that comes until you get a stupor of thought 4. Pray to Heavenly Father thanking him for what you have received and ask if you have received all that you should have received 5. If more comes, write it down 6. continue step 4 and 5 until finished. 7. ACT If you fail to act, you are less likely to receive revelation the following time.

So Sunday was pretty Great. Oh I have never told you about Sacrament meeting here! So we meet with our branch and it is all in Japanese! Butler Kaicho (The branch president). Calls on a Shimai (sister) and a choro (elder) to give a 3-4 minute talk in Japanese. Each week we have a topic so we already know the topic in advanced. So this week it was receiving revelation through the holy ghost, so all the classes during the day is focused on that. Anyways after the talk there is usually a musical number and then a brother and sister of the branch presidency will give a talk in english.

All the sisters in the presidency don’t know any Japanese. So usually the Dai Sempai Shimai tachi will translate for them. When I became sempai I decided to start translating for them and I am surprised how fast my Japanese has come since I have started doing that!

Monday I ate Cracker Jacks for the first time ever! I always just thought it was a part of the Baseball song, I didn’t realize they existed! So that made my day!

Tuesday, We (the choir) sang The First Noel (The best arrangement of this song ever) for Quinten L. Cook Choro! The choir director told us that Noel means Birthday. So he had us keep this thought in mind, “I want you to sing like the angels on that first noel, and sing it great with long vowels.” The chorus of the song was great we had a 4 part harmony just singing out Happy Birthday!

His talk was good. He said a quote that reminded me of what dad used to always say. Dad always said, ” Always leave a campsite cleaner than you found it.” Cook Choro said, ” Always leave a ward better than you found it,” make sure that you leave them with stronger testimonies and a greater love for the savior! It was a good talk.

Oh by the way! We started teaching Oyama Kyodai (Oyama Shimai’s husband). He wants to know why his wife loves the church so much. We were trying to get to know him. I asked him what he liked to do. He said Party. Then Matsusaka Shimai said, “Watashi mo.” Me to. I said. I don’t think it is the kind of party you think it is… So we basically had to teach him the word of wisdom on the first lesson. It was so funny. We are still laughing about it. So in addition to that r I was like Just Dance Party wa ski desu.  But he thinks our church is weird because we don’t drink.

Wednesday. Atarashi Senkyoshi ga imasu. We have new missionaries! Our branch didn’t get any new missionaries three weeks ago, so when the dai sempai left we were down to 4 districts! There are 4 Japanese branches here at the MTC so sometimes a branch doesn’t get missionaries. So we are very excited to have them! We have 5 sisters, and 17 elders. I think… One of them has fantastic Nihongo so he might leave in a week or two.

Thursday, We did service. We cleaned the stairs and they look great. Well they did. I’m kind of brain dead right now so I don’t remember what else happened… Thanks for all the Christmas Cards! They are filling up my Christmas tree!

Friday, We taught the best lesson! We were teaching Iida Kyodai about the Atonement and why it is important to him. He understood that Christ died but he just didn’t know how it could help him today. So we bore our testimonies on how Christ’s atonement can help with everything. It can help you forgive others that have done you wrong. Through his atonement you can feel peace and love for all. Sometimes it is hard to love people you don’t know, but Christ has love for all. And he can give you his love for them if you humble yourself. It was a great lesson.


It was a great week. Have a great week. Stay Righteous my friends!


Sister Hokanson

Japan Tokyo South Mission

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