Merry Christmas!

Thanks for all the packages! I am having the best holidays ever, here at the MTC!  Yesterday we got to listen to a member of the Quorum of the 70ty. He talked about the importance of writing good uplifting letters. I hope all who read my letters feel the missionary spirit come through the paper. The example letter the speaker used was in Moroni 8-9. He said that I hope all of you write letters like that.
I know some of you may think that how can a person have a great Christmas without all of the gifts and the trees. Well, the first Christmas started with just a family in a stable. Christmas is all about lifting up others and relying on Christ.
Yesterday I gave the choro tachi the stockings that Mom made for them. It was one of my favorite parts of the day. Just to see the gratitude in their eyes. Kennedy Choro says, “Tell your mom she is the best” ( Well he actually said that you are the Cat’s Kittens and to give you a hand hug, I had to translate his sentence into normal English). Soto Choro said to tell my family, “I am going to wear this scarf and hat on every cold day of my mission, I’ll even wear it to my wedding, If I get married in winter.” I replied saying his wife would kill him if he wore the hat on his wedding day. But it was just so fun to see how excited they all were to receive the gifts.
Brown Shimai and Lozano Shimai came caroling to our room! It was a blast. And then Brown Shimai and I went Caroling to the sisters on the other side of the floor, and we sang to the sisters that were Showering! It was so fun to sing praises to Heaven!
Before we went to bed we decorated the room and sang Christmas Carols for 40 minutes. Pictures to come later. Everyone in the entire MTC is emailing today so we can’t send pictures or the server will crash!
Thanks again! This is the best time of year because we remember Christ more. Christmas can and should be all year round. Remember to wear Christ name in your hearts. Uplift someone today! 
Merry Christmas! I love you all!
Ai Shitte Imasu
Hokanson Shimai
Sister Hokanson

Japan Tokyo South Mission

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