Christmas week

Wow it has been almost 9 weeks!

More like 8 and 1/2 I guess. Weeks here are kind of weird because you enter on Wednesday, and the new week begins on Sunday. So they say we have been here for like 9 weeks. Yeah it just hurts my brain to think about.
Anyways! I seriously had the best week! Monday was great! We taught our investigator Oyama Shimai for the last time. But we told her new missionaries are on there way to teach her. Basically the day just flew by. I received many cards for my Christmas tree. I’d attach a photo but it seems like they disabled it. I’ll explain a littler later.
Tuesday, Was awesome! I think I use that word too much, but it is the only way to describe it. We had our last lesson with Iida Kyodai, he says he will watch re-runs of General Conference. We were really excited about that! And plus it is Christmas Eve. I sang in the choir for the Devotional. We had a member of the presidency of the Quorum of the Seventy, Elder Evans. He talked about the importance of writing good letters that are uplifting. He referred to Moroni Chapter 7-9. Those chapters are letters from a father to a son. The letters are so uplifting and they became scriptures. The speaker encouraged us to write letters that uplift and are memorable. One of my favorite verses from those chapters is when he writes (I’m summarizing) ‘son I have recommended you to the service of the Lord’. I just liked that part because it shows how much he cares about his son and how he knows that he will succeed with the task the Lord has in store for him.
Afterwards we had devotional review, and then went back to the dorms. Sister Brown and Sister Lozano came caroling to our room. They were so cute. They Sister Brown and I decided to go caroling to the sisters who were showering. I’m still not sure if they enjoyed it. Sometimes we were really off key, but it was way fun. Then we just say around our Christmas lights (pictures to come eventually) and went to bed.
Christmas Day! I love Christmas because our hearts are drawn close to Christ. We had a continental breakfast. If you really want all the details of the day (For Aunt Regina’s sake :D), I had two butterscotch muffins and milk for breakfast. And all the missionaries from West and normal MTC campus were emailing. We all had a certain time we could email for 20 minutes. We weren’t allowed to send pictures (because for some reason if 2000 people are sending pictures at the same time it could like crash the system). So I think the computers still have the block on it..
Anyways, then we had a morning Christmas Talent Show. The opening song was Jingle Bells. DID YOU KNOW THERE IS THREE VERSES TO THE SONG?! There was a piano player who could play the piano while laying down on the bench. It looked quite uncomfortable and her face was very red, but her piano playing was quite impressive! There was a bunch of songs sung. An elder sang a song he wrote with his band called the 26th of December. My friend Bennion Choro sang You Raise Me Up it was subarashii (great), we were all hoping he’d sing O Holy Night instead, but it was still really good. There was an elder that ‘dancing’ but not really dancing, with a bottle on his head! We had an intermission song and we all sang, the 12 things a missionary needs 🙂
On the ___ day of christmas a missionary needs:
a copy of the book of mormon
two heavy bags
three meals a day
four referal calls
five golden contacts
six bowls of ice cream
eight teachers teaching
nine sisters singing
eleven elders teaching
a twelve apostle speaking
Well Seven and Ten aren’t that important… I’ll look at my notes later….
Oh one of the best acts was an Elder doing a magic trick. It blew my mind… I’m still confused how the tricks work.
So then we had lunch, yeah the cheesecake was pretty good. Then we rushed to choir practice. We were 40 minutes early and had really far back seats. Something about having an apostle there makes everyone want to join the choir.
So for the devotional … David A. Bednar spoke to us! They passed out 200 cell phones to the crowd and we would text questions to a number, and the question would show up on his Ipad. This was being broadcasted to 13/15 MTC world wide. At other MTC’s they’d email in. It was way cool! A member of our branch’s question was answered. I’m running out of time, so I’ll talk briefly of my favorite parts of the talk. I found out that David A. Bednar’s favorite topic in the scriptures is the theme One by One. That is how the savior taught in the Bible and that is how he taught in the book of Mormon. He encouraged us to read the Book of Mormon and look for the 6 times that phrase comes up.
Then we came back and listened to Ray Smith. He is a professor at BYU (teaches the Saxaphone). He is very skilled and he put together a band and they played a bunch of Christmas songs. My favorite was the Charley Brown Medley. He is very skilled. I just thought he was going to die because his face was completely red and his veins were poping out of his head! After the concert, Hermana Hokanson and I switched name tags, just for fun.
Then we had dinner as a district. Then I switched back name tags with Hermana Hokanson
Then we did something… I’m sure it was important… And then we got to watch the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert from last year. What a great day! I must say, it is one of the best Christmas’ I have ever had.
Thursday, We had service. I swept the stairs while singing Disney Songs, here is a little sample. Sung to Little Mermaid, Part of Your World
… Do you want pass along cards, I’ve got twenty, but who cares no big deal I want more.
I want to be where the Dai Sempai are, I want to see, I want to see them trackting. Walking along on what’s that word again, Streets of Tokyo…
For some reason every time I sing it the words change. But that is usually part of the lyrics. I hope you enjoyed that.
Then after service it’s puzzels and darts and baking… Just kidding. ( Song from Tangled)
We had personal work out time. Then we studied and studied and studied some more.
Friday, In Field Orientation, We learned a lot about the importance of working with the members. And it was great. The most important thing I learned is that in airports people can’t run away from you, they want to make their flight, they are stuck 🙂
Saturday, woke up at 5:30 am, did laundry and packed. Everything fits, it is just a bit heavy. Some of the sisters’ bags are light. One Sister only brought 2 suitcases! If only they knew how cold it is in Japan! Well we leave on Monday. I am so excited. I have 10 pamphlets ready to pass out. And I have a copy of the book of Mormon in Nihongo and Eigo. I am so ready. Can’t wait to start blessing peoples lives!
Sister Hokanson

Japan Tokyo South Mission
Sister Hokanson

Japan Tokyo South Mission
                                                    All the sisters going to Tokyo South Mission
                                                   Hermana Hokanson and Hokanson Simai
                                                                           Temple walk on Sunday
                                                                           From the Rowleys
                                                                         My Christmas Tree
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