I’m in Japan!!!

Hey everyone, Konnichiwa!

Just wanted to start this post with my testimony.
If you are considering going on a mission but can’t decide to go. Go! The mission is not your mission. If you lose yourself in the work, you will find yourself. You will change and you will grow to love the people so much. You will come close to Christ. Constantly relying on the spirit to guide. Go on a mission. The work will carry on without you, but you need the experiences that lie ahead. 
Anyways, I’m in Japan!
I guess some celebrity arrived on our same flight, so when we walked out of customs there were tons of screaming girls. I was like yeah! They are so excited to be taught the gospel 🙂  It was a little chaotic, but it was so nice to be greeted by Wada Kaicho. He knew me by name! I love my mission president so much! And his wife! Oh Dad! He remembers you. Skinny white guy at the MTC. And Wada Shimai remembers you too! You served in the same mission! Why didnt you tell me that! They loved looking through my pictures! 
So to start the new year off we went running with the president! I am slow… probably a slower runner than mom! I was going with Wada Kaicho and he kept asking me, do we need to slow down? Then we watched the sun rise and talked to two ladies. They have been friends for like 15 years! I told them about Christ. For the rest of the day we had a lot of training and then we did Street Dendo! I was scared to death and still talked to people but it was so fun!
The next day, Thursday, we went running again and met our companions! I am with another half Japanese sister! I feel like I know her from before. She worked at PCC ( Polynesian Culture center in Hawaii ) so I might have seen her there, and she went to Gym Kids in Utah years ago. We’ve probably met before. Her name is Miskin shimai ミスキン . She is way cool. Best trainer ever! She got to Japan in July. We went to the apartment and then went to the eki (Train station) passing out flyers for Eikaiwa. (English Conversation Class)
Friday, We met with Ogino san, she just committed to taking the lessons! We taught her at a members house and she is starting to read the Book of Mormon. She keeps on saying, doing I have to take the lessons if I’m not going to join your church. We are like Yes! She doesn’t know it yet but, she will want to hear our special message of returning back to a loving heavenly father and being with her family forever. Tomorrow we will teach her the plan of salvation. One of her favorite hobbies is eating. She reminds me of Morgan! 🙂
Saturday, Lots of Dendo! Streeting and housing. We taught a lesson and then we went to visit a sick member in the hospital. We made her some cookies. This member is awesome! She talks to all the nurses and her roommates. We have received a lot of referrals from her! 
Sunday, I bore my testimony because that is what missionaries do! The church is true every where! We have two wards in the city I am in! Two wards! There is about 15-20 people out on missions from our stake! The gospel is going forth! I love it. The members are awesome. 
Love you all, have a good week!
Sister Hokanson

Japan Tokyo South Mission
P.S. I forgot to write one more story.
So I purchased my bike on Friday and we were biking to a member’s house. I was in the road and was trying to get back on the side walk but there was a car next to me and I didn’t angle my bike enough so I fell hard core. I was okay but I just sprained my wrist. My companion wasn’t feeling well either so she asked if we should go back. But I said “No, the gospel is too important.” So we get back up ride two blocks. My companion stops and says “Sister, that brown house we just passed has two ladies in it. We need to go talk to them.” So I was like let’s do it!

We go to the door and introduced ourselves. And you could tell that the lady recognized us! So we started talking and asked her if she goes to church. She says………….
Wait for it…..
She is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! We just looked at each other. Like did that just happen! So we found out she was baptized 40 years ago in Sendai and she hasn’t gone to church for awhile! We saw her daughter (30 years old) we were like okay, well can we come back and talk some time. So we are going to be their friends. The church is true. Exact Obedience brings miracles. I have seen so many miracles every day I can’t even count them all! The gospel is true. Share it! 
Love you all!
Bus to the mission home from Narita Airport
My companion and our friends

Melting butter to make cookies ( I guess her apartment doesn’t have a microwave) 
The church members think I look like her.

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