Another miracle has come to pass!

Minasan, Konnichiwa! Ogenkidesuka. ( Hello everyone, how are you?)

We are locals now! We go to Rajio Taiso ( morning exercise ) every day, except Sundays. And it is awesome. 

So I was really excited to find out that there is a Mr. Donuts ( my favorite Japanese donuts shop) in my area. We went after emailing last Monday. We talked to some high school students. I forgot to say in my last letter.
My mission is working on something called the power of 10. We try to get 10 meaningful contacts everyday. So if all the missionaries do that. Then in about 14 years, everyone in the boundaries of my mission will have heard the gospel. I just think it is a great way to try and get more contacts and more referrals! 
I just love the people. They are so kind. Well I don’t know if it because they are talking bad about me, in front of my face in a different language, or if they are just really nice 🙂 
Tuesday we had two lessons in one day! We dont get very many lessons because we are still working on geting our potential investigators to become investigators. But the work is progressing onward!
This last week, we have done a lot of finding.
Oh great story! So on Wednesday we were housing and we knocked on hundred or so doors. And there was one house we didn’t go to because there was a man smoking blocking the way to his neighbors door. He said, oh that person is Catholic and won’t talk to you. We decided to go to the next house. (By house I mean apartment). 
On Friday we had sports night. We had no investigators show up so we decided to leave early.  We went to the house, prayed, then knocked on the door. There was a person who came and talked to us for like 20 minutes in the cold! She loves America, she went back packing through the USA for 3 months. It was just an awesome experience of the power of prayer, and the spirit guiding. My companion felt bad for the last day and a half because we didnt knock on that door. She kept talking about it, but we were always on the other side of our area.   I know that Heavenly Father is in charge of this work. 

Thursday, I went on my first splits! I was with a sister that is not as talkative as me. She has been on the mission for three months and we decided to go housing. For two hours. No one answered the door. In Japan they have little video cameras so they can see who is at the door step. So I testified in front of all those cameras. And I sang some Christmas carols to others. It was a blast!

One lady came out and tried to tell me my religion is wrong. It was interesting. She tried to give me a magazine and say if I’d read it I’d be happy. So then I pulled out my book of Mormon and told her, if she read it, she’d be happy. We both left without either accepting a book. I didn’t argue with her I was just simply stating what we believed. It is okay. Maybe she wants to hear the message in the future. 

Saturday was filled with meetings and we taught Maeda-san! She is interested in learning English. So we teach her private lessons. 30 minutes of English, 30 minutes of gospel. But she wanted to learn English from the Book of Mormon. We promised her that if she reads the Book of Mormon in English, outloud. By the time she finishes read that book she will be fluent in English. She is really excited, and started reading the introduction with us. 
Sundays are the best, you get to feel the spirit and it is just great. 
Monday, we had Mochitsuki! ( making Japanese traditional rice cakes)  Everyone was so excited! I don’t know why but we made some mochi! and ate them. Yum. Pictures to come later.
Sister Hokanson

Japan Tokyo South Mission
I forgot to add this story. 
So on Saturday, I was going through and doing paper work. We have our area book online. So I was looking through the contacts and saw one name Nemoto-san. The missionaries found her on Christmas day 2011. According to the paperwork, no one called her until Nov 2012. I decided to call her. No answer. The phone just kept on ringing. So I decided to pray with my companion. Then we called again. And the ringing stopped but no one said anything, and she hung up. So I called back again. And on the third time she answered the phone and talked to us, and said it was too late tonight but we can call back another day. Which I will. Then we both said separate gratitude prayers.
Oh! I forgot Saturdays’ miracle. We were by the eki ( train station), streeting trying really hard to get our 10 contacts. It has to be meaningful. We have to talk for at least two minutes and share a part of the gospel. So we were at 6 and had an hour to get home. We prayed for heavenly guidance and went on our way. We talked to so many people but no one wanted to talk to us. We kept getting rejected and rejected. And we pressed onward. Then we got contacts in. We need one more and there was 15 minutes till we needed to be home. We talked to a nice lady wearing a Purple Kimono. And invited her to Mochitsuki. Then we were olympic fast walking through a crowd of Nihonjin (Japanese). All the lights turned green for us. And we made it to the bikes. The bike ride from the eki to the house is like 15 minutes. We made it in like 4 minutes. We walked through the door at 8:59. I’m pretty sure Heavenly Father Slowed down time. 
Obedience is the price for heavenly guidance.
My awesome companion, Sister Miskin. I love her!!!
My mission president and his wife. Interesting facts: He taught my dad Japanese at the MTC 25 years ago and his wife served in the same mission as my dad.
New missionaries!
New missionaries and their trainers! 
What a joy! I found my favorite donuts shop, “mister donut” in my area.

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