Better Self Introductions

Minasan Konnichiwa!

Thanks everyone for all your prayers and emails! They are much appreciated!

This week has been great!
President Wada taught us how to do better self introductions. He said that when we can introduce our selves better and more people will listen. Makes sense. So I have been practicing. Here is the English version.
First off I usually compliment them, like ” wow! Your shoes are way cute ! Where did you buy them?” At this point they are usually shocked that I can speak Japanese… I am too… And then they ask how I learned and I said that studied for two months. And say I am a volunteer missionary. Have you seen missionaries like us before? Oh you haven’t, well はじめまして。Then I say our church has 80,000 missionaries all across the world. We saved up our money so that we could pay for our mission, but serving the people of Japan brings me greater joy than anything else. I have come here so that I could share a message of happiness that will bring you peace and joy.
Something along those lines. It is pretty awesome.

Sometimes while I am streeting I forget that I look like a foreigner, so I am always thinking, who are they looking at? Oh and today I got my picture taken. A lot of people here think I look like Selena Gomez. Some of the church members have a hard time saying my name so they call me Gomez Shimai. Or Pochantas. I’m not really sure why…

We had 4 new investigators! We found a family and we are teaching them about the Plan of Happiness! So they showed up to our Free English class we teach every week and we were able to invite them to Mochitsuki. They came to Mochitsuki and Miskin Shimai and I had to go on splits because we had a lot of friends there. We were able to set up an appointment with them to teach them about where we go after this life. The husband died a long time ago. 
Then on Saturday we were able to go to their house and helped them do some cleaning and we left them a picture Book of Mormon. The kids were so excited to read it!

Our other investigator came to Both Saturday Night and Sunday Night of Stake Conference! I know I was shocked too! She was supposed to come to choir practice but she was so late. She said that she wanted to stay and see what it was about. Miskin Shimai and I were worried because it is all about Missionary work. The Mission President was actually there and was teaching the members how to be better in lessons and bear testimony. He taught the first lesson and then had everyone practice. The funny thing is.. we never taught our investigator that lesson before. So we taught it to her again after Wada Kaicho just taught it. She liked the message.
We were worried that she wouldn’t want to continue the lesson, but I learned that it was really important to be straight forward. She knows now our expectations for the lessons and that eventually we will invite her to be baptized. Everyone can learn something at church, and the spirit will testify the truthfulness of the words if you take Moroni’s promise in Moroni 10:3-5.

I went on splits yesterday with Kawajo Shimai. I learned a lot from her. Always try to introduce people to the Book of Mormon while streeting. Just keep one in your hand. People are usually interested in books that you hold. I was able to place two yesterday! We have a paper print out with Questions of the Soul from Preach My Gospel chapter 5 with the references. We just ask people if they have any of the questions from the list and they usually point to one, and then we read it with them. If you can get them to read the book of Mormon. They almost always take it.

Cool story, we were on the train talking to this nice lady. She said she was Christian. We said, so are we. We have a book like the Bible that talks about Christ and it answers questions of the soul. We gave her the paper and her eyes lit up. Before we could tell her “the answers are the scriptures at the bottom” she said. Then we offered her a book and she looked so excited! She felt bad for taking our book, but we said it is our gift to the people of Japan. I hope that she reads it. I know that the Book of Mormon is for everyone and that as you read it, your questions can be answered. We believe the Book of Mormon and the Bible to be the word of God.

And I went to the temple today! It was awesome! Have a great week everyone. Stay righteous!

Ai Shite Imasu
Sister Hokanson
Japan Tokyo South Mission



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