Two Green Beans

Minasan Ohayo-gozaimasu,  ( Good morning everyone!)

Wow this week went by fast. Padelsky Shimai said the saddest thing the
other day, “We hit our three-month mark. We are 1/6 of the way done
with our missions.” I wanted to cry!

I forgot to say. Last Sunday, I gave my first talk in Japan. It was
great. I only wish I had more time to prepare. The night before my
companion remembered that I had a talk and it was pretty late so I
mostly wrote it before church. I talked about the importance of
families and doing family history.

Unfortunately, my companion is still sick so we spent the first part of the week
at home. I did a lot of studying, service (cleaning), and denwa dendo.
Denwa means phone. Dendo is missionary work. So yeah.

Then on Thursday we had a three zone conference entitled how to
fulfill our purpose with technology. There we all received iPads. At
first I wasn’t sure how I felt about them, but now that I have it. It
makes missionary work a lot easier, especially because of the next

On Thursday morning, my companion started getting super dizzy, so I
insisted her to go to bed. And then we were trying to decide who should
go to the meeting. So that each companionship could have an iPad. Well
金子 Shimai had neck problems, so Padelsky Shimai and I went. We are
both green beans, ( extremely brand new missionaries).

The meeting was thirty minutes away by train. And we made it there. We
got the iPads and etc. We later taught a lesson, talked to 24 people
in Nihongo ( Japanese), and passed out a Book of Mormon. The blessings of heaven
are continually being poured upon us in this time of history! Heavenly
Father loves all of us, and He is in charge of missionary work.

So, back to the iPads. They are really nice because on Thursday night
Wada kaicho came and picked up 金子 Shimai and ミスキン Shimai. So Padelsky
Shimai and I have been in charge of two areas. I have to tell the
story how it happened. Miskin Shimai called Wada Shimai ( the mission
mom, she is like in charge of us being healthy). Wada Shimai decided
that they needed to come to the mission home. Wada kaicho had other
meetings and was in a different city and left his phone at home. Wada
Shimai was trying to get a hold of him, but couldn’t. On his return
home, he had a feeling he needed to pick them up, he used someone
else’s phone and told us that he was going to pick them up. He is just
constantly thinking about how missionary work in the Japan Tokyo South
Mission can improve and is always thinking about us missionaries. He
is the best!

So since Padelsky Shimai and I can not read kanji, we have been using
the iPad a lot for translating. It is great! Currently only 30
missions in the world have iPads, 2 of them are foreign missions.
Japan Tokyo South and Japan Tokyo. The rest are in America. I hope
that no missionaries use it for things outside of it’s purpose. One
missionary using it for the wrong purpose, is one to many.

I’ve had an awesome time being Padelsky Shimai’s companion. We’ve
taught a couple lessons, found our way to members houses that we’ve
visited only once before. The miracles just keep coming. It is a
blast. We are probably going to be companions for a couple more days.

Missionary work is great! I love it. Every day is an adventure. I
always try to stop every one on the street. You never know who is
ready to hear the gospel.

Aishite imasu

Sister Hokanson

Japan Tokyo South Mission



Robotic parking garage – The cars go in and it is like in the movie robots where it goes in a circle.


P.S. The members are awesome. We have a food basket and they gave us a ton. They gave us 2 bags of cereal! They have a granola cereal with dried pineapple and stuff like that. It is way good. We buy it sometimes, but it is so expensive. One brand is 530 yen  and the other is 850 yen for a slightly bigger bag. I didn’t realize how expensive Japanese milk is. 114 yen ( $1.13) for a quart.

I love Japanese milk now! So good!!! 


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