Miracles by the Kilometer

Minasan ogenkidesuka. Tokyo wa yukidesu.

This week was incredible!

We have seen so many miracles. I don’t know where to start. Anyways, two green beans can accomplish a lot. We were able to teach some lessons, talk to a lot of people, and it was a great week!!!
On Saturday we had a crazy snow storm.  It was basically a normal day in Utah in my opinion but It hasn’t snowed like that for 45 years. The wind broke our umbrellas (luckily they were from Daiso). We had to go buy new ones. But we were able to meet people. Not going to lie, it was hard to be happy that day when I was leaving the apartment. I told myself, that Heavenly Father has someone out here for me to find.
 So after walking in the snow all day. We were in a cafe and we choose to sit at a table near two girls that were sitting at a long table against a wall. We thought they would talk to us, but they didn’t. There were charging outlets on that table so we pulled out the ipads to charge them. And moved to sit by them. The girls were at the first two chairs, then there was two empty chairs, and the last chair there was another girl sitting. Padelsky Simai sat by the first two that we initially tried to talk to. I sat by the other. She had her head phones plugged in, I was waiting for a good time to interrupt her study. Meanwhile I was reading the Preach My Gospel. She pulled out her headphones, and all I said was ,”Are you a college student (but in Japanese)?” She then talked to me for an hour and we exchanged numbers. Ayano is her name. She is way cute. She loves English and was so excited to talk to a foreigner. 
Sometimes I forget that I look like a foreigner, so when people start staring at me, I turn around to see what they are looking at. Anyways, Ayano-chan is the reason we braved the storm, she is the reason that I fell in the middle of a 交差点 (intersection) and yeah it was a great day.
Sunday, they cancelled one of the wards and we had a combined sacrament meeting. Afterwards, we did some shoveling of the church’s drive way. I’m surprised they owned snow shovels.  They probably bought them 20 years ago…
It was really awesome because we made a snowman with a little girl and her mom, we shoveled peoples driveways, and there was some sort of evacuation drill so there was a ton of people on the roads. We only got 27 meaningful contacts in, but it was still a great day. I know that Heavenly Father blessed us a lot and that he is aware of our needs. 
Sister Hokanson

Japan Tokyo South Mission
As always,
I forgot to say…. 

じゃ today we had transfer calls. I am getting transferred. I am with a Nihonjin (Japanese) companion! 
Wada Kaicho called me later and talked to me for about 5 minutes.  My new companion is つちだ Shimai, I think it means rice field? Anyways she is on her last transfer. He told me, that she needs to have a good last transfer and that is why I have been called. No pressure.  I’m sad to see my area. It was starting to change for the better, but the Lord has big things in store for me in my new area. 
Feb. 10, 2014   
More than 10 inches of snow fell on Tokyo over the weekend 
This is my bicycle 
Feelig like Lizzy from Pride and Prejudice on a cliff on her way to Pemberley…….
Making Maki-zushi.   
Oishiso! ( It looks yummy!)
On Saturday, as we prepared to leave the house, this is the faces that my companion and I had. Crazy weather. You are all going to laugh at this part. We literally debated riding our bikes. Good thing we didn’t. Now my companion and I laugh at our stupidity. 
A zone p-day at Kamakura, Kanagawa

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