Miracles by the kilometer ( From her iPad)

Well by the this time tomorrow I will have received my transfer call.
I’m not sure what to expect. Normally we stay with our trainer for two
transfers, but my trainer has trained two sisters before me for a
transfer each. Since my companion has been sick and at the mission
home for a week now, I’m not sure what to expect. Wada kaicho keeps
calling us and saying The Lord has a lot in store for Padelsky Shimai
and I. Bring it on!

On Tuesday we had another miracle. Well, another big awesome one. We
see miracles every day. Padelsky Shimai and Kaneko Shimai have been
visiting an older lady for awhile now. She is investigating a couple
of churches and meets with missionaries from another religion once a
week. We do not like when other religions fight. We as missionaries
are always instructed to avoid contention. We respect other religions
and take joy in the fact that others worship our Savior Jesus Christ.

Kaneko Shimai asked if we could stop by and share a bible scripture,
we said we would. However, we felt like we needed to something more,
why share the same thing as the other churches? We have a great
message to share and our time is sacred. We only have 18 months to
serve our Lord full time. Every second is precious. We can not waste
our time teaching the unwilling. We do not force others. We are called
to serve, called to invite, and then called to teach. We shared James
1:5. And then said someone else really took this scripture to heart
and applied it to his life. Then we asked if we could share a video.
We then watched the restoration video from the iPad. She got a bit
distracted at times, before the first vision, I paused the movie and
said the following is my favorite part. I then resumed the video and
glued my eyes to the screen. I’ve never prayed so hard in my life! I
know Padelsky Shimai was also praying hard. From the corners of my
eyes, I could see her turn to ask another question, but she saw how
focused we were so she continued watching. By the end, her eyes were
filled with tears. The spirit was able to touch her heart! We
committed her to take the missionary discussions and she said yes!

We have the message of the restoration. No other church has that. That
is what separates us. There is a strong spirit that comes when you
teach about the first vision and testify that you know it is true. It
is really important to teach simply because that is how Christ taught.
How you ever wondered why we have the pamphlets for teaching the
message of the gospel? We have it because that is how the spirit
taught Nephi. I invite you to read 1 Nephi 11. Notice how the spirit
teaches Nephi. We are to use the pamphlets that way. It is called
missionary discussions, referring to two way communication. If you
just preach to the people you are not discovering their needs and what
they understand.

We had many other miracles, but if I write them all now, I will gave
nothing to say in my homecoming talk!

Saturday was fun! You know how they say it never snows and sticks to
the ground in Tokyo? Well it sticked. I think it was the first time in
20 years, or something like that, we do not watch the news, so I’m not
sure… I have a picture of Padelsky Shimai’s and my shocked faces! It
was a party. The first thing we said is,” Ummm.. Let’s not take the
bikes today… ”  it was crazy fun. We were walking to the eki
and decided to take the bus so we started going to the bus stop. We
saw the bus and started running.( Not all the buses were running
because of the weather). Haha, I totally fell in the 交差点!Do not worry.
6 inches of compacted snow braced my fall! It was all worth it,
because we missed the bus. And we just stood at the bus stop for 30
seconds and another bus came immediately. Heavenly Father is watching
out for us!

We started cafe dendo. Is was great. We met a Junior High School
student. She was the reason we were out today in the snow. I sat next
to her and I was waiting for her to take out her headphones. When she
did, all I asked was if she was a college student. And then she talked
to me for an hour in English! We switched contact information and she
wants to come to eikaiwa.

Yesterday was great! We talked to 27 people. We made a snowman with a
little girl and her mom, we shoveled snow for people on the roads,
shovel part of the church’s parking lot ( we only had sacrament
meeting yesterday). There was also like an evacuation drill or
something like that, so we talked to tons of people that were going
there, but we only got about 27 meaningful contacts, where we were
able to introduce ourselves as missionaries.

It was a great week. Have a great week everyone. Stay righteous.





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