Therefore let your light so shine before this people, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

Minasan Ogenkidesuka.

I can not believe that I am already in my second area!
Thursday was hilarious. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love the movie The Best Two Years. Well the day I arrived in my area I had a Best  Two Years Moment. Zone leaders gave me the wrong travel information. They told me to take a rapid express train to my new area。 So I did what they said and arrived and no one was there! So luckily I had the phone number for my old area and I called Miskin Shimai who got a hold of Tsuchida Shimai. And they found me an hour later at a different train station. But it is okay because I was able to talk to 4 people!
The rest of the day was crazy. We went to the church and as we were leaving, three non-members came up to us. One returned a Book of Mormon and pamphlets. Another just walked up the church and left, and the third came and told us he wanted to get baptized, and then he shared his favorite scripture from his worn out Book of Mormon. This new area is going to be awesome! I am looking forward to every second of it!
The next day it snowed again! So now it is hard to use my old Streeting Technique. I used to ask people when was the last time it snowed this hard.  They reply, like 25ish years, but now they’d say oh well it has been about a week…
Anyways we streeted through the snow, my new companion is so funny. We made snow angels. It was her first time to ever make a snow angel!
My new companion is hilarious, she thinks I am so funny. I really don’t know why. We have had some good times already. We speak mostly Japanese all the time. She says that I am Ped, but I don’t think I am. I need to study Japanese more. She is the best cook! And yeah that is Tsuchida Shimai.
The new ward is great. My Eikaiwa class is great. I am teaching the intermediate class by myself. We have a great time. I had a student come up to me and told me I am the best teacher he has had. Poor guy. He is like 50ish years old.
On church on Sunday, I had a lady come up to me and tell me that she really wants to hear the lessons from me and get baptized. She said that I have a great spirit and she really wants to take lessons. Hopefully we will start teaching her soon.
Today we had temple P-day and it was great. I always love going to the temple. Afterwards , most of the zone went to go eat Mexican Food. It was pretty good. I got to Horrocks Shimai (The sister that served in the temple with me). It was a good time, but I felt so guilty being with a bunch of missionaries. I’d rather be finding people. It is hard to talk to people on the train when there is 15 of us, but don’t worry I did anyway. Share the gospel always!
Oh yeah, spiritual thought. Always be a representative of the Lord. You never know who is watching. Today at the temple a man from England (?) walked in. He said that he has some interns from BYU that our members of the church, and that is all he knows about the church. He walked into the foyer of the temple and wanted to know more about the church. Luckily us missionaries were in the foyer and we could tell him about the gospel. I was just thinking to myself how sad it is that he can not go in the temple。 All are welcome! If we follow Christ’s example, we can go into the temple. I was also thinking about what a good example the BYU students must have set. This person was in Japan for a business trip and he wanted to stop by and learn more about the church. What a cool experience. Never forget who you are.
Love you guys!
Sister Hokanson

Japan Tokyo South Mission
Snow dendo: Met two college students, together we made this snow couple.
On the district P-day: Pokemon Center was closed…
Why do they make funny faces all the time?
She loved visiting the TokyoTemple on her P-day.
She mentioned that she is gaining weight and getting chubby. I’m afraid but it’s true…..

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