Be thou grateful

Hello from the land of the rising sun!

I’ve been sick for about two weeks. It is a bummer, but it has
given me a lot of time for reflection. Since I’ve arrived in my new
area I’ve been having a little bit of a hard time because I felt like
I haven’t been seeing very many miracles. And then I realized, it is
probably because I wasn’t looking hard enough. I need to change my
perspective, so this weeks letter is a bunch of my miracles within the
last couple of weeks.

Tsuchida Shimai is literally my best friend! She is so great. We are
having the best time Streeting through snow that is up to our knees,
ringing door bells, handing out eikaiwa fliers. It has been the best

We meet awesome people everyday and give them the option to come to church.

The members are great! They are just always trying to help the
missionaries and we have the best ward mission leader right now.

When I got sick a ton of the relief society sisters asked me if I was
okay and if they could help out.

We have a potential investigator that just moved to the area, she met
the elders at the eki and came to eikaiwa. She says she is trying to
settle down for right now, but wants to hear more about the church.
She currently has no friends right now, so what an awesome opportunity
to invite her to church where she can make friends with really nice

One day I was having a hard time with Japanese, I said a prayer asking
Heavenly Father for a letter. Later my companion checked the mail and
I had a letter from Kim Morgan! Little miracles!

This whole week I’ve had trouble sleeping, そして I been reading a lot of
The Book of Mormon. I love this book! It brings much peace to my soul.
I keep on reflecting on the scriptures and I am just amazed how little
I read them before my mission. I remember when I was little Grandpa
Don asked us all to come to a family home evening with our favorite
scripture. At the time I didn’t have one, I just had favorite stories.
So I spent hours trying to find one. And I just decided to go with the
shortest one in the Book of Nephi, and it came to pass that my father
dwelt in a tent.  ( or something like that).

Nowadays, I have so many favorite scriptures that I can’t name them all.
Yesterday I read this and loved it 2 Nephi 9:49-52.

I just wanted to end my letter by saying how grateful I am for the
priesthood power in my life. It is literally the power of God given to
worthy men. I have had many priesthood blessing in my life and through
them I I always feel the love of God. This week, I was so sick. I woke
up from a nap and for the next 15 hours it felt like I was on a small
boat in the middle of a huge storm. I felt so seasick. I couldn’t
sleep and woke up at 2:30. I got a blessing from Elder Shank, he and
his wife are serving as a missionary couple. They were at our
apartment for cleaning checks. I asked him for a blessing, and
instantly that feeling went away. I’m just really grateful for the
love of my Heavenly Father and how much he has blessed me.

I’m sorry, I’m still a little sick and my thoughts are a bit scattered.
I hope this email makes sense.

Love you all,



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