Feed my sheep

This week has been great! I got my new companions.
佐々木姉妹とブロックス姉妹。私は一番したです。my companions are a little bit older than me,
but they are way awesome. Sasaki Shimai is my grandma! She trained my
trainer (Miskin Shimai) and the two of us are training Brox Shimai.

Wednesday I had an MRI, it was kind of fun, but kind of scary because
they all speak a different language and you don’t really know what is
going on. I started thinking about hospitals and it is usually a place
of sadness, people have long term illness or are dying, but it is just
a small part of Heavenly Father’s wonderful plan for us. I know that
we are God’s children and that he loves us very much. So many people
in Japan ask me if I worry about my family and friends since they live
in America. I don’t worry because I know that they are in God’s hands
and that I’ll get to see them again someday as long as we live the
gospel. The gospel brings happiness. It unites families and brings
great joy.

On Sunday we had a great lesson. Relief Society and Priesthood was
combined and the bishop taught the lesson. All the members are excited
to help out in missionary work. We have three new missionaries (to the
area) in our ward. And the bishop asked the members if they new the
old missionaries names. And he asked them to raise their hand if they
think we know their names. The best way to start helping out in
missionary work is to talk to the missionaries. Get to know them, tell
them about yourself. We are always thinking about which member would
be a good friend with our investigators. In order to do that, we need
to know the members. We have a binder at the apartment with the
members names in it. I study during my spare time, and on Sunday I was
able to talk to 山口姉妹 ( a sister who I have never talked to before) and
I was able to call her by name. Her face just lit up! She was so
excited that I knew her name.

I just read in the last chapter of John when Christ says feed my
sheep. The best way to feed the sheep is to teach the way the savior
taught. So I’ve  been working on teaching the way the savior taught.
He always calls us by name and tells us to teach one by one. Be really
meaningful and show love. That is what I’ve been working on. We can
all be better missionaries by studying Christ like attributes listed
in Preach My Gospel chapter 6. It is hard to do, but I know that as I
try my love for the people will grow and I will be able to magnify my
calling more.

Oh today at the temple I saw Athay Shimai standing in a park ( it was
really far away) I took a picture with my camera so I’ll send it
later. And later, while I was eating my lunch I ran into her!
Miracles! God loves all of us!
Love you all!






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