The True Church

Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that this conference weekend was
awesome! The true church is on the earth and we are apart of it. The
promise we made at baptism is to wear the name of Jesus Christ in our
hearts and to share the gospel with all his children. Sometimes we get
scared when we hear the words, share the gospel, but we shouldn’t be
scared. It is way easy to be a disciple of Christ. Christ gave us two
main commandments, love God, and love one another. If ye love
God, you will love your neighbor. I’m still trying to recognize how
much my father in Heaven loves me. The more I learn about Him, the
more I stand in awe. When we start to understand the love God has for
us, we desire for other to know of it too, and that is why we share
the gospel. We desire everyone to have what we have. I know that this
is the true church. I know that God is hastening his work. During the
last session of conference I had some pondering time. We had an
investigator that came so we went and watched it with her in Japanese.
During that meeting I couldn’t understand all of the message so I just
let the spirit guide my thoughts. I pondered the concept of God
hastening his work. When I was little I remember that we always had to
go to church to watch General conference ( it came through a satellite
feed), then we bought a dish satellite and watched it from our house,
recently we have been watching it online through God is
hastening his work! People that go to the conference center can hear
the words of the prophet being translated right away. And a week later
they broadcast the translated feed to countries around the world.

The missionaries get the opportunity to watch it at the stake center
in Japan and it is just so fun to see all the languages that it is
being broadcasted in. The gospel is so true. I know of the importance
of the Restoration of the Gospel.

I love you all!

Sister Hokanson





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