Hello everyone! This week was awesome! I know I say that every week, but it is the truth.

So you may be wondering about this week’s blog title, but I’ll get to that later.
This week we were able to attend many wonderful activities. We had a Zone Conference that made the missionaries Spiritually recharged and ready to go find people. Shortly after that we had a Devotional hosted by our Mission President, President Wada. We call them Questions of the Soul. he plays little video clips from movies and asks us how it relates to a certain topic, or question that many people have. This devotional was based off of Christ’s Sermon on the mount, found in Matthew 5-6. The clips came from the movie, the Dead Poet Society. I always love his devotionals because it reminds me that everything relates to the gospel.
May 4, 2014 is no make up day for the Sisters in Fujisawa! Why you might ask? Well our investigator of a long time, who had a baptismal date set for 11/3/2014 decided she wanted to get baptized sooner. Her friend who was the member present in the lesson, started flipping through her planner and suggested that date. It was a great lesson leading up to the sooner baptismal commitment. We read from the Book of Mormon, specifically about Charity. Moroni 7:45-48. It takes about the attributes of Charity. Then we related it to the Book of Nephi. In Nephi`s life there are all of the examples of Charity. We specifically read 1 Nephi 18. Can you find examples of the Charity attributes along with verses?
This week’s blog title should be ” No Make Up Day!”
The love of Christ in our lives changes us. We want to become better people as we learn about him, and start to understand the Atonement. I know that the Atonement has started to make me a better person. Remember to read the conference talks and constantly get better! love you all!
Sister Hokanson 
Japan Tokyo South Mission
Oh, and while I was making new friends on the train, I started talking with a lady who plays beach volleyball. We started talking about sports, then how we have free sports night at our church, and then that I am a church volunteer.. And then she told me it is Easter! So happy Easter everybody. 
Also, yesterday The General Young Women President, and The General Relief Society President came to Japan and they spoke at the Kichijoij church. We took one of our Eikaiwa students with us to the church. On the way there, she helped us make a lot of friends. She is way funny. She has taken the lessons before, but doesnt have much desire. She also goes to another English class, and at the class they are supposed to pick a theme for the month, her theme this month is Choice. She said at the Devotional she learned a lot about choice. 
Have a great week love you!

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