The Second Time

Hello everyone back at home!
This week was just wonderful, as always! It was also very busy, we are
dealing with better problems! Since I got transferred I haven’t had
Facebook for a couple weeks, but now they are slowly opening it up to
the whole mission. We had a meeting about using Facebook to further
the work of Salvation. Before we talked about that, we read from 1
Nephi I believe it is chapter 16. This is when they get the Liahona.
Liahona is a compass and it leads us to where we need to go. Where is
our goal in life? My goal is to get to the Celestial Kingdom ( the
heaven that most of us think about). How do we return to the presence
of our Heavenly Father? The How is the gospel of Christ.

We were teaching our friend 米山 san ( Ms. Komeyama) this week. She believes in
reincarnation. We wanted to better understand her beliefs so she drew
it out on a whiteboard. Her view of the next life is so confusing. She
believes that there is a judge that judges if you go back to earth
again as a human or an animal, and she is expecting that she will come
back as a dog. She forgot to say that Heaven was the goal. She is
going about life expecting to fail to make it to heaven. She doesn’t
have a view of heaven or who the judge is.

I’m so grateful that I know the gospel and that I have a clear
understanding of Heavenly Father’s Plan of Happiness. We were able to
share what we believe. That we need to try our best in life following
the gospel principles, then after this life we will eventually get
judged, our judge is Jesus Christ. He is our judge because he paid the
price for our sins, our mistakes, our shortcomings. He will decided
which of the kingdoms of glory that we will go to. We should make the
Celestial Kingdom our goal because that is the only place where we can
live with God and Jesus Christ and our families forever. I know that
it is true. It was a great experience to see some of the clouds in her
mind lifted. One thing I love about the gospel is it answered the
questions of the soul. You don’t have to just take our word for it.
You are always encouraged to pray and find out for yourself.

Another quick awesome story!

So for the second time in my life I was able to Meet Elder Quinton L.
Cook of the quorum of the 12 apostles and shake his hand , again! The
last time I shook his hand was at stake conference, he was the
presiding area 70ty that came to visit. The following general
conference he was called to be a member of the quorum of the 12.
Imagine a stake center chapel with the over flow open and chairs to
the half court line of the basketball court. Now imagine all of those
chairs filled with people. Now imagine those people between the ages
of 18-28 (but mostly the age 18-20) . Now imagine them in missionary
clothes. We had Japan Tokyo and Japan Tokyo South Mission Conference
that is a total of 400 missionaries. All of us were gathered to hear
from Elder Cook and Elder Maynes. It was a way awesome experience
especially because my companions’ friends from college came and were
able to stay throughout the meeting. Imagine if they get baptized what
a cool conversion story they’d have! There I was with my college
friend and some American with big hair who says she is half Japanese.
I felt silly because my friend didn’t tell me to wear a skirt. “There
were about 350 Americans and 50 Japanese people all gathered to hear
some American that lives in the same state as most of them give a
talk. And I shook his hand. And also got a Book of Mormon. And got
Referred to all the missionaries in two missions. … Etc.” it would
be such a great and humorous conversion story!

Anyways, sorry for the long letter! The gospel is so true! As
missionaries we are called to serve and invite people to come unto
Christ. We love to introduce people to the church and the teachings of
Christ because we know it has blessed us so much. We never force, we
believe that everybody has free agency and can worship the almighty
God in the way they believe. We just invite. We encourage people to
pray for themselves to know if this message is true.

Have a great week everybody!

P.S. Congratulations to my cousin for getting married in the Bountiful temple!