Happy Mother’s Day!

Well this week was interesting! I wasn’t expecting a transfer call,
but one came! My new area is awesome. It opened three transfers ago.
My companion 松本Matsumoto Shimai opened it with Horocks Shimai. We are
having too much fun streeting and housing in the area! I have learned
so much from her! We are going to have an awesome transfer. Our
transfer goal is to see three baptisms! We have the faith! We will
find! We will teach! And someone holding the proper authority will
baptized! This area hasn’t had new members for 3 years, but times are

The longer I’ve been on my mission the more I realized I hardly ever
had a really good scripture study before my mission. We are teaching
people how to become spiritually self reliant. When we read the Book
of Mormon and the bible, we can read it like a regular book, but if we
do that we won’t get much out of it. It doesn’t matter that there was
a Nephi who had two bothers named Laman and Lemuel who had other
children whose names show up later. The purpose of the Book of Mormon
is found on the introduction page. I encourage you to read and find

Before reading if you pray for the help to understand do you will
learn a lot of more. If you write down questions they will get
answered. Study from the index, the topical guide, the index. You will
learn a ton. Do you have a study journal or a place to compile your
thoughts? Writing down things is part of getting revelation. Why would
you be given more if you don’t bother to remember what was given?
The purpose of the Book of Mormon is to learn about Christ, learn his
doctrine. All the fundamental things to return to Heavenly Father is
in that special book. Read it and take the challenge in the back
Moroni 10:3-5. Take that challenge many times in your life. Become a
witness of the book. The more you prepare, the more opportunities you
will see.

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day! It was so fun to talk to the family!
You guys are awesome love you! To celebrate Matusmoto 姉妹 and I made
brownies! Thank goodness for rice cookers! ( most places do not have
ovens in Japan! Thanks for all your letters and emails! I promise I
read them! I just run out of time to reply back! Sorry! Here are some
pictures from this last week, way fun!





Making brownies with a rice cooker


I got to skype with my family on Mother’s Day!


Coolest garden planters in the world!



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