Come Unto Christ

皆さん こんにちは!
Every week I choose a goal and try to achieve it. This week I was
working on increasing faith and recognizing miracles. When you strive
to recognize the Lords hand in your life you realize that you never
have enough time or paper to write it all down. We are always
constantly receiving blessings.

We had another interesting lesson with our investigator Rice Mountain.
We are slowly teaching her the plan of salvation. She came to church
on Sunday! That was awesome!

The biggest blessing of the week happened at the Endo family’s house.
Sister Endo is the Young Women’s President and she was discussing with
us how hard it is for the Young Men and Young Women to stay active in
church because school takes up so much of their time. There are not
many young members in the ward. Most of them would rather go to clubs
and school activities on Sunday than come to church. At the clubs
they have a lot of friends, at church there are only a couple people
their age. When given the choice, most of them choose not to come.

When Sister Endo was talking about that I finally realized why I was
ALWAYS the only young women my age at church. I had that experience so
that I could relate better to all of the Japanese members! What a
blessing Heavenly Father has given me! It just reminds me that
Heavenly Father gives us the blessings and trials we need to further
his work. When we are given a blessing it is always so that we can
help others come unto Christ.

Other really awesome experiences happened this week, but you will have
to wait until I have more time to write them down.

I’m just really enjoying my mission, I hope everything is doing well
back at home! Thank you for all of the letters!



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