This is a pen!

Eikaiwa has been way fun recently. We finally have around 20 students
every week! There is always room for improvement! To be honest I think
I’m forgetting a lot of English! I don’t feel qualified to teach them!
We have this grandma that comes, she is incredibly smart! She reads poetic
and grammatically challenging English books all of the time, and asks
us about them. Now I regret not paying more attention in all my
English classes. But it is okay I’m good at Science. ( that has yet to
come in handy on the mission, but there is still time).

Monday we had a great visit with one of the members in the ward. They
used to live in America and the daughter is American / Japanese. The
granddaughter is supper cute. She is basically fluent in English and
Japanese. We got to meet with their friends and help the daughter (of
the friend) learn to ride a bicycle! Way fun! When you are in the
service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your God.
The daughter wants to learn to ride a bicycle so she can go to school
and back by herself. The kids in Japan never cease to impress me! They
are always so independent.

Besides that we had a great week! We were able to meet with a couple
of our investigators and make a lot of new friends this week,
hopefully they will come to church!

Oh that reminds me, we found the funniest grandma the other day. It
was near a grocery store and we just said Hi to her. She told us that
she grew up as a Buddhist, but hates Buddhism. 彼女が仏教はやだ!と言われました。It was so
funny! It was a struggle to not laugh. We committed her to come to church!

Have a great Father’s day!

Sister Hokanson


P.S. “This is a pen” is one of the first English sentences that Japanese students learn.



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