Hello everyone!

I can’t remember if I said this already, but I have a
new companion. It is Sister Blake. She is pretty funny. It is almost
like being companions with my cousin Jascka! She and I are 9 days
apart! Not only that, but when she tells stories it is like talking to
Jascka! I totally miss Hermana Hokanson! Anyways. My companion is a
finding machine. She talks to everyone. It is great! It just takes us
an hour to walk anywhere. My last companion and I decided if we ever
got 31 contacts in a day we’d go to Baskin Robins Ice Cream and
celebrate, ( in Japan they call it 31). So on my third day with Sister
Blake we had 31 super meaningful contacts, and sometime this week we
are going to celebrate!

This week was a so exciting! Before transfers we were walking down the
street in front of the Bishops house. There was a lady walking by. I
was prompted to stop her. I intercepted her path and with a smile on
my face I said,” we are church volunteers and we love to share things
which we know are true and will make you happy, would you have any
desire to hear our message.” Then to my shock, she said yes. Since I
was shocked I forgot to reply. Luckily I have a companion who filled
in the a awkward silence. Anyways! Made my day!

Oh on Friday! I made a lot of friends at the park! They are about 9
years old and they just thought my companion and I are so cool because
we are from America. We introduced ourselves as missionaries and I’m
pretty sure they had no idea what it meant, but that is okay. We took
some pictures! One of the girls. Maho, asked me to sign my name on a
piece of paper for her. So I gave her my Meishi. And she was so happy!
Then all the kids wanted to pose in a picture. You can also see my
companion in the back. And a mom that was at the park too.




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