Planting little seeds

Awesome grnadmaDearest Family and Friends,

This week I sent my old companion on a train to Kofu and then my new companion Sister Pugmire came! Oh and exciting news! Remember my investigator from Fujisawa that had a baptismal date? Well, she got baptized on Saturday! She is on the path back home!

Hmmm…. What would be good to share with my family and friends back at home. I was reading in the Book of Enos recently. I really liked it. I was really going through it and trying to apply it to myself. I focused on verses 1-7.
Verse 2 when it talks about the wrestle before God. I came to realize the wrestle was coming from inside of him. He was trying to decide if we wants to still follow the trends of the world, or follow God’s way. His dad was the prophet of the church, but he still had to make his own choice to follow God.
I love verse 3. I teach people all the time, half of them don’t look interested at all, but you know that you are planting little seeds. It takes some time and patience, the seed will always grow! For him it came while he was doing some hunting, for others they will just feel prompted to go. One of our friends received a flier for free English Conversation Class. She had it for 6 months! Then she felt like comings she came and we were able to answer her questions around the purpose of life! People are ready everywhere!
Verse 4. When it comes down to it, there is only one way to know for yourself. You can hear a thousand testimonies, but until you get on your knees and pray from the bottom of your heart to your maker, then you can know for yourself!

I probably said this before, but this is our mission motto, Obedience is the Price, Faith is the Power, Love is the motive, the Spirit is the key, and Christ is the reason. We do all these things to bring people to Christ. Because only through his name can people receive Salvation. Salvation is returning to our Heavenly Father and Living with Him forever. Have a great week everyone. I know I will!

Oh I forgot to say, my super awesome, super fantastic miracle that happened because my companion and I were in the right place at the right time! So we were walking back from Zone Meeting and I see this すごく素敵なおばあちゃん (awesome grandma) anyways she is way オシャレ( cute and stylish) so I compliment her clothes, and she said ” I’m too old to be cute!” We were like no way. She replied “I’m 94 years old.” She was just doing some grocery shopping! Anyways. We start talking. Eventually testify of the Plan of Salvation. She wanted us to come to her house! So we did and taught an amazing lesson! She is great!
She took her way cute hat off for the picture..


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