World traveling pamphlet

This week the weather has been so cold! I’ve started wearing my jacket! My companion thinks the weather is perfectly fine, she just stares at me dumbfound when I wear my scarf, blanket, jacket, and winter socks during study time.
The miracle from this week took place in Italy! Here is the background story.
My friend Elder Smith (who is serving in Italy) had a birthday a month ago. I sent him a card and I decided he needed something from Japan. So I place a Joseph Smith, prophet of the restoration, pamphlet in envelope. Then I completely forgot that I did such a thing!
This next paragraph is what I got in an email from my friend
「Wanna hear about a cool miracle? So one day this week we went out to do some finding work. We were crossing the street and this girl stopped us. In broken English, she asked us for directions to the Duomo. We tried to tell her, but thought it would be best to show her, so we starting walking. We got to talking and found out she is a sculpture visiting Europe from Japan to study the sculptures and architecture here. I instantly thought of that Joseph Smith pamphlet in Japanese that you gave to me. I told her I had a pamphlet for her in Japanese. So we ran back to the apartment and I gave it to her. The whole rest of our walk to the Duomo, she was pouring over the pamphlet. I thought she was getting really into it. Turns out, she thought I just gave it to her to read and that she had to give it back to us. haha. I told her that she could keep it. She was excited about it! She just only had 3 hours in the city, so we told her she could read it later. haha. Then I asked if I could take a picture with her. She got really excited and pulled out this GIANT camera out of nowhere. haha. Classic Asian tourists. We took some great pictures and she wanted my email address. So that was cool. She’s from Yokohama…wherever that is. haha. But it was totally a miracle! Cool, right? The pamphlet, the timing, her stopping us, it was all timed perfectly. Gotta love when that happens. 」
So anyways, I was reading this email, and fell out of my chair, because I live in Yokohama! I’m really hoping that we can set things up so my companion and I can meet her when she gets back from vacation!
Another miracle! Our investigator that dropped us because she had no desire is back! And her desire has exponentially increased! Apparently I haven’t been teaching her well enough, because she has questions like what is the purpose of life, where are we going, what do I have to do to get to heaven, is there even a heaven. The spirit touched her heart so much and she completely opened up! All of our lessons till now, have been about those questions, but her kids are always in the lesson with some of their friends, we are trying meet just with her! Pray for her and her family! She was kept from the truth only because she knew not where to find it! Now is her time to leave the apostasy and come unto God and Christ.
Next challenge getting to meet with her more often! But it will work out! I’ve got perfect Faith.
Other miracle, we met her husband for like 2 minutes, but it was still awesome!
My friend and I are going to start personal progress together! This will be my third time in my life, but it will be way more exciting to do it in Japanese! I have like 7 months to finish! Challenge Accepted. Someone needs to follow up with me so I don’t forget…
Anyways, she isn’t a member of the church and she told me in high school, in Ethics class they are currently studying about Jesus Christ. I promised her that if she wants to learn about our savior the best book is the Book of Mormon. She is coming to the General Women’s Broadcast next Saturday. (^∇^)
Sorry last miracle,
Sunday, an investigator of 20 years came to church!!!!! I looked back and saw someone I didn’t recognize, and then it clicked in my head, the second sacrament meeting was over, I sent a text message to the Elders and they were able to cut him off before he ran out the door. They thanked him for coming. This investigator knows the church is true, but since he hasn’t been coming to church he feels bad being there. No one should feel bad at church. It is the Lord’s house. He welcomes us to all come back to him. He recognizes our faith, desire, and will help us return, we just have to reach and grab his ready hand.
Sorry for the long email!
This picture is from Elder Smith.image3.JPG

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