Revelation through Modern Day prophets

Dear Family,
On Wednesday we received a referral from the Fujisawa Sisters. This lady is so nice and desires the gospel so much! While talking to her, we discovered she is Acquaintces with our other investigators! Their kids go to the same international school.
Naoko came to the General Women’s Broadcast two days ago, and she loved it. During the meeting, the sisters that spoke talked about temples, and eternal marriage. Our friend felt confused, and a bit sad. The at the end she heard President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk and it changed her world! She felt the spirit so strong.
After the meeting she was able to meet our mission president and shared her experience to him. The other big thing was, she thought since she was already married she couldn’t get the eternal marriage. We told her that she can still be sealed for eternity! She was just crying and the spirit was so strong! I’m so looking forward to our lesson on Wednesday!
I heard that the rest of conference was really good! I can’t wait to listen to it! One benefit of being in the Japan Tokyo South Mission is that I can look up all the talks on my iPad, and then suggest to my investigators what session to attend! I’m so grateful for the language barrier! I don’t know how missionaries that serve in English speaking missions prepare their investigators for Conference. I’m so grateful for the extra time!
Our mission president told us about the Meet the Mormon movie coming out. Because that is coming out, our mission is really trying to help Japanese realize that Mormons are really members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. To do this, all the missionaries are going to take pictures with the Book of Mormon. We are trying to flood the Internet with this great book. Does anyone else want to join the challenge? Just post a picture of yourself smiling with your favorite book. (^∇^ )
Miracles… Miracles… Our investigators are progressing and we are safe, the typhoon hit this morning ( Monday) at 9:00 am and finished by noon. We can’t wait to go Streeting tonight and find some people who are ready to hear the happy message of this gospel!image3.JPG




Sister Hokanson🌺
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