Enduring Love

Dear Family,

I forgot what I promised to write about… First of all I transferred to Kichijoji! I’m still shocked. It was the last place I thought I’d go. Second of all my new companion is awesome! Her name is Sister Nara. We are so busy running around trying to set appointments and etc.

I was also called to be a sister training leader this transfer. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to serve more missionaries!

Other exciting thing is that Elder Ringwood ( The Area President of the Asia North, here is a little article about him in the Liahona from a couple months ago. ) is coming for a mission tour. He wants to interview 12 people from the mission, and I have been selected to represent my zone! I am nervous and excited for this!

Spiritual message. We went with the Young Women to class and the leader showed a video called Enduring Love #mormonmessage, if you get the chance to see it, please watch it. After watching all the girls said that they want to get married right away! Love is such an important thing. It gives us a chance to be less selfish and become selfless. There is no better way to become more Christ like than through serving others. So I challenge you all to serve someone today! This reminds me of my previous companions’ experience. When she was little, her older sister hated her. Just flat out hated her. Then when the sister started working on Personal Progress, she decided to pick her sister as a project. The project is to pick someone in your family and for two weeks, serve them, compliment them, and etc. from that two weeks of love and service they grew to be best friends! That is time well spent! So I again challenge you all to love someone today!

I’m so excited to be serving this area and I know I’ll never forget those who touched my life in my past areas. Our hearts can always grow and we can always love more!

Sister Hokanson🌺


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