Happy One Year After

Dear Everyone,

Well I hit my one year mark the day before Halloween. It was a good day. To top the week off, I got to hear from Elder Ringwood of the Seventy. His talks were so inspiring. After the Conference, I had a one on one interview with him. The first thing he told me to do was to say Thank You. Thank you to my parents who raised me well enough so that I became a missionary and could come to Japan and serve God’s children that lived here.
Another thing I really liked, is he asked me how long I was on my mission, I replied that tomorrow is my one year. He then told me advice I’ll never forget. Always strive to be better and at the end of every day I need to be able to say that today I am the best Missionary I’ve ever been. If I can”t say, ” I wish I knew what I know now, when I was a new missionary”, then that shows you aren’t progressing.
The purpose of this life is to prepare and meet God. We all need to be changing. If we aren’t moving forward, we are staying the same, or moving back wards.
I usually ask my companion for advice on how to improve, when ever she tells me I am perfect and there is nothing to change, I always reply : ” I am not translated yet, so there is something I haven’t learned yet. Can you please help me figure out what it is? ”
I forgot my ipad this week, so I’ll send pictures later. Sorry!
A quick Miracle,
Two weeks ago we had a new batch of missionaries that came in. On their first day two sisters were walking down the road and met a grandpa aged man. He was invited to come to our free english class. And after that all the missionaries keep seeing him. He came to our class on Wednesday and told us that he loved it. He loved the feeling he has here and wants to come back. Then while at work at Seiyu ( The Japanese Walmart) the Elders ran into him. In broken English he said, you teach me pray. The Elders taught him, and then invited him to church.
On Sunday, he came and shared his own testimony during the Gospel Principles class. During his response he said he loves the feeling at church and that he definitely always coming back. He always wants his daughter to meet us sisters!
How great is God! He is always sending people our way.
A wise missionary once said, you are only to teach referals. Refferals from members, investigators, etc.. Or Referals from God.
Love you!
Sister Hokanson

Japan Tokyo South Mission

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