I heard God’s Voice


Two days ago at Saturday Night’s Stake Conference Meeting I heard the voice of God! It took me a couple seconds to recognize and I had to ask my companion for confirmation of I was correct. I t was! Brother Suzuki of Hibarigaka Ward was giving a talk and I recognized his voice as the Japanese voice of God in the church movies. This experience made me think, will we recognize His voice when he calls to us? Some times we need the help of others to learn about something we don’t know.
Many people say they will believe when they hear the voice of God, but in order to do that you have to know how God will speak. He will speak to you through the power of the Holy Ghost. At times it will be barely audible. Will you notice? Will you recognize?
It will take pondering and praying, but through diligence and a desire to know you will know.
As for this week, so many miracles. I’ve been praying for prepared people to come and find us, and they have. We walked out of Stake Conference at like 8:45pm and met a girl standing outside of the church, looking at the Free English Class poster, we invited her to class and asked if she’s ever been to church before. We offered a church tour, gave her a Book of Mormon and there was just a glow about her face! She really has a desire, right now it may just be curiosity of something new, but slowly as she studies she will have the desire to follow the savior.
I’ve been pondering a lot lately about changing daily. Always ask your self what else can you do? At Stake Conference we talked a lot about Member Missionary Work. There is so much we can do. To go along with Elder Bednard’s talk about Spreading Goodness we are trying to help our member friends do the same. There are some simple things we can do, for example: make aMormon.org pages in all the languages you can read and write in,( I’m working on my Japanese profile) give a facebook like to church pages, share inspiring messages, all good things come from God. #sharegoodness
I’ll send pictures later 🙂


Sister Hokanson🌺

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