Burning in the Bossom

The Mission is the greatest thing ever! This week has been full of wonderful miracles! God is always leading us to do greater things, all we have to do is humble ourselves and prepare to become the people God has in store.
So Last Tuesday I decided I needed to have an Enos like prayer, and during that prayer I felt inspired answers to my prayers. The next day I followed the prompting and was really preparing myself in the early hours of the day so that the rest of the day could be great. We always say that success while finding starts the night before at 9pm during daily planning. All the things you do before finding and teaching lessons, determines how your day will go. 
Anyways, read some awesome scriptures, my companion introduced me to a story in the Liahona that completely answered my questions. It is from the June 2014 Liahona and it talks about the many ways we feel the spirit. I’ve understood when I felt the spirit, but lately have had a hard time explaining it to others to they can recognize it.
 That night we taught Akane and we found out that she had been worried that God hasn’t been answering her prayers, but as we discussed the points in the article, she was able to ponder her life until now and see God’s hand. She saw that he helped her find the missionaries, give her the courage to come to our English class, then to take the lessons, as she read the Book of Mormon she recognized how much happier she was, and when she came to the church for the first time she felt something. She also recognized many times when she felt the spirit, and when we asked her to be baptized she was crying because of all of the love she felt. She recognized that God loves her and he will always guide her. What a special moment in her life! We are helping her prepare to be baptized on November 30th. Keep her in your prayers! 
The Gift of the Holy Ghost is a wonderful thing and it is what she desires. Do we all desire our Gift of the Holy Ghost to have it with us at all times? 
Sister Hokanson🌺

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