I went to a ハードロック ( Hardrock) concert!

Hello everyone!

You may have read my post on Facebook about a Music Night in Kichijoji, I just wanted to follow up on it! First of all it was amazing! Most of the missionaries serving in this stake came with their friends, members, and less active members. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but there are around 50 missionaries in our stake, soon to be more. This week is transfers. Back to the concert, there are so many talented missionaries in this area! A lot of people wanted to sing, so Elder Hadlock, in Japanese Hardrock, accompanied them on piano. Therefore I titled this blog, I went to a Hardrock concert.

It was a great experience for all, we focused on the theme of gifts. After performing we asked everyone what they thought their gifts from God are; many people who are not Christian friends said Families, Life, music talents, etc. There was such a sweet spirit with us during the meeting. Some of my friends commented how all the music was so uplifting and they just wanted to listen to the words forever.

One of my favorite songs is what I want to focus on today, it is called I found my friend. The background story is that 「a person was preparing to go on a mission and was asked to speak in Church. During his talk, he talked about a dream he had. In the dream, he knew that he was in the pre-existence ( where we were before birth). He was with a person who he didn’t currently recognize, but he knew they were good friends. They were having a good time and then an angel came and handed him a packet. He and his friend were way excited and he turned to his friend and asked him to open the letter and read it for him. His friend read that he would be going down to earth and live with a family that has the knowledge of the gospel! They rejoiced together over the great news.

The angel came again, this time with a packet for his friend. The friend asked him to read it. He read that he was going to be born in Costa Rica with a family that doesn’t have the gospel. They were so sad. He then made a promise that he’d help his friend. That is where his dream ends.

He gets a mission call to Costa Rica, and goes on his mission.

Later on he sends a letter to his bishop that says, ” I’ve found my friend”.”

We don’t remember what happened in the life before, but I know that we all had friends there. I know that on my mission I’ve found my friends and there are more friends to find. The gospel is made for everyone. The more you learn, and understand the plan, and God’s love, the more you will want to share it.

The gifts I am grateful for my family, my friends, the opportunity to find my friends in Japan, my testimony that God loves us all and he has made a perfect plan to help us return to him, and I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. If he didn’t come to this Earth and atone for my mistakes, sins, weaknesses, I’d never get to return home. This Christmas let us not forget the meaning of the Son of God being born.

And please watch the Christmas Video, ” He is the Gift ”

Sister Hokanson🌺


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