Little Witnesses

Wow time goes by fast! We found the cutest family today. The son is three years old and he loves learning English. We hope we can start teaching him soon. I just wanted to say that service opens up the hearts of the people. I have seen it over and over again.
This week the Young Single Adults that attend Institute in Shibuya had a Christmas Concert. It was a great defining moment for our friends that came. They bore testimony of the importance of families, the Book of Mormon, and a need of a savior, through musical talents, and a little bit of acting. Some of my friends from previous areas were in the performance and it was really great too see them. One of them is going to go on a mission soon. Apparently receiving your call takes a little longer in Japan, some people wait three months.
The day before the concert, we were calling lots of people hoping that someone could come and come closer to Christ. I randomly left a message with our investigator Fukushi and we were completely shocked when she walked through the door! She had a great time! She was telling me that she feels that Jesus Christ is important, but doesn’t know why. I just love teaching people eternal truths, their questions get answered and your testimony grows, God is so good.
Before the concert we set up a room that played some Mormon messages, when the angel Gabriel comes to Mary, the birth of Jesus, he is the gift, etc. so afterward, we went to that room, and she got to see what Christ did, and then we were able to bear testimony that God loves her and cares and she can know more by asking God herself. At first while teaching her how to pray, she felt like she wasn’t good enough to pray, but it was a very special moment when she realized that God loves her and that everyone, no mater what they have done, can talk to God and he will listen because we are His children.

Sister Hokanson🌺
image1 (4)
( more people came, the chapel was packed, but I took the picture before the crowd came in)
image2 (4)
Beautiful sunset here in Kichijoji
image3 (2)
This cute member drew a picture of me, so to match I had to quickly put my hair in a bun on the top of my head. She is fluent in English and Japanese!

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