Glory Hallelujah!

It is almost Christmas, the hearts of the people are turning to Christmas Shopping. They are always busily strutting the streets in Kichijoji ( I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, but as of right now, Kichijoji is the place where everyone wants to live in all of Japan) looking for the best gifts. At the same time they are all lost and don’t understand the meaning of why we have the red, green and packages. Anyways, this week we performed in a Interfaith Gospel Choir, we were pretty bad, but the other performance was awesome! There were about 50 Japanese people singing their hearts out and it just made my day! They were praising God and I just pray that they knew what they were singing about, it made me so excited for the Christmas season. I wanted to run up there and hug all the women and invite them to church so they can really learn about Jesus Christ the savior of the World. I would have done it, but we had to leave early to make it back before curfew.
Other miracles from this week, I’ve been teaching a friend online through facebook. My companion and I write messages to her and she replies back. She had the question how do you love others, it is so hard to show love and why is it important? I had her read from the Joseph Fielding Smith Manual chapter 20. It really helped her answer question. The miracle part was I just read it that morning so I could be prepared for Relief Society lesson on Sunday. It just came to mind when I read her question God is so good!
Another of God keeping his promise of bring all things to your remembrance when you need it. I read this months’ Liahona the page about the church in Sweden. I really wanted to read it, but felt a bit guilty because I was thinking how will this ever help my investigators. My ancestors are from Sweden so that is why I was drawn to the article. Anyways that day we ate lunch with some ladies in the Interfaith choir and they had a question of how the church spread from New York across the world. I said well I’m not sure for all countries, but then was able to explain about Sweden and when My ancestors came to America.
I know that God loves us and helps us learn things not only for our benefit, but so that we can teach others. I know that Christmas is about Christ and that Christ was the perfect example of Love. If we all had a little more Love, we’d be able get the beam out of our eye and help other people with their motes. Love you all! Merry Christmas!
Sister Hokanson🌺
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