Meet the Mormons!

Dear Family,
I can’t remember what has happened this week. Fun Highlights, we skyped! Do you remember? It feels like it was weeks ago! So much has happened! Oh I was so excited to talk to with you that I forgot to tell you anything about the Christmas conference!

We had a great spiritual thoughts from President Wada and Sister Wada who talked about increasing our faith, and we read from the story of Jesus walking on water. We have to take the step of faith first and leave the boat and follow Christ. Then we need to turn around and be in Christ’s place and help our friends do the same thing. We need to be their waiting to catch them immediately when they call our names. As disciples of Jesus Christ, it is all of our responsibilities to tell people that they can trust us! We have walked that path and now we are ready to offer assistance!
Here is my favorite picture of Jesus Christ ever painted!
We then got the opportunity to watch Meet the Mormons! Wow I loved it! ( Not because it was the first new movie I have seen in over a year). I loved watching how Members live their faith. One of my favorite lines from the movie was, the girl talking about her bishop who said, ” I can really get along with him because I know he was my age once” I laughed so hard, but it made me  realize the importance of gaining the trust of the people you serve. They need to know that you are willing and ready to serve in any way you can to help them. We are the Savior’s hands.
During the movie I was thinking about which of the 6 members I can relate to the most. I really loved the Candy bomber because it made me think of my Great Grandpa and that Love can really change the world. All of those people said that the small act of kindness stopped World War III !
As I kept watching I really liked the man from Nepal, Bishinu. He converted from Budhism and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was able to teach others around him through example that We believe in all things good. We invite everyone to bring what they hold to be true and learn more truth and light from the All living God.
Then when I thought I couldn’t learn anymore, I watched the Missionary Mom. What a great clip. It didn’t just give me a hope to help my investigators keep the great picture in mind, but it just reminded that this gospel changes people’s lives! In this time of making New Years resolutions I want to be ready to help people bring to pass the change they want this year. Help them follow the example of their savior. He was baptized, he was a perfect obedient disciple of the Father. He was so dedicated, so good at sending the pure message that seeing the son was like seeing the father.
I can only hope and strive to be that way.
To end I want to share a miracle. My companion has been serving here for 6 months has not seen one our investigators. The investigator’s old missionary came into town and invited us to eat lunch with her. I was able to meet while on splits and invited her to take lessons. Because of work she is never in town. On that same day, we let her talk to President Wada, who invited her to FHE 3 weeks later. We all totally forgot about that.
Then Sunday we felt like emailing her. Two hours later we taught a phone lesson. Then on Monday, on our way back from an activity, we were some how late. It shouldn’t have happened. The trains were just as planned but we were 10 minutes late. ( the rest of the missionaries went with a member to go eat dinner) we were debating on going or not. We just sat, in silence praying, and she ( the investigator) walks through the door! She told us how she was fighting within herself what to do. She came to Kichijoji ,not knowing why, she remembered there was an activity but never got the time. And she assumed it would be done. She wondered if anyone would be in the church at 5pm and was trying to convince herself to go home, but she was drawn to the church. We then met her and had a wonderful lesson! I know that our brothers and sisters who have not yet been baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost can feel it’s promptings. They will be guided to do what is right and desire to change because repenting is a blessing. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Sister Hokanson🌺

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