Land of the Rising Sun!

Happy New Years From the Land of the Rising Sun!
I started the year off with my daily run, but I was so excited to run with my mission President just like last year!
With the first Rays of light, we were talking to everyone, lots of people believe they receive “power” from the first sun of the year and at that time they make their New Years resolution. We were there to invite them to make the best resolution and learn about Christ and partake of the power of his Atonement. Unfortunately a lot of those people weren’t wanting to change that much this year, but a new missionary straight from the MTC with his little Japanese found a new investigator from that! Our purpose is to invite, the spirit teaches and testifies, the investigator changes. Missionaries don’t convert the people, God does. 
Anyways, we couldn’t see the light very well, so afterwards we climbed to the top of the church and took this picture! 
Displaying image2.JPG
Miracles of the week… We do morning exercises with the neighborhood elderly every morning and this cute grandpa just opened up and told us all of his life problems. His wife died last year and he says that everyday when he sees us , he gets hope. We are hoping to start teaching him soon about Eternal Families and the purpose of Life! I love watching the gospel change people’s lives! This is the best thing in the world!     Alma 31:5
Also our investigator Akiko is starting to progress more! She says she is never happy. We are trying to help her become happier. I feel as you learn the gospel, you can’t help but to feel happy. Does anyone have any thoughts about happiness? Love you all!

Sister Hokanson🌺
image1 (7)
image3 (4)

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