Happy Birthday

お元気でしょうか?わたしは元気ですよ! 先週はすばらしかったです。
The weeks pass way to fast! We are on week 5 of this transfer! I feel like I just got to Kichijoji! In our mission we are working on something called SOS, salvation of souls. Every day we try to reach out to ten people and invite them to study with us or come to church. Let me tell you, it is a lot easier to find the elect this way. By always inviting them to come join with us we can find easily who has desire or not! Anyways we have like 6 new friends who will start investigating his week!
My companion said this and I thought it perfectly describes our last week. “Pray to find the elect. Find the elect. Create the elect.” Always pray to tell God your goals. Act on your plans. When you don’t find someone, help them have a defining moment so after the second, third, etc. time, they will accept you.
Our investigator is so excited for her baptism! Her dad wants to come too! Her baptism will be a great defining moment for is ward. All of the young women are coming and will be singing at it! I can’t wait!
To quote a Zone Leader , ” we do escalator missionary work, not elevator missionary work” . Meaning we are always helping people come unto Christ. We haven’t just been focusing on our one friend, but tried finding others and this week God really blessed us! We met Naちゃん. She is a referral from a different ward and she had lunch with us. Then did a church tour! We taught the restoration and she felt he spirit so strong! She then had to go to a meeting, but asked if we could meet in a couple of hours. So we visit some of our friends, come back and then meet with her. Show her the baptismal font and answered her question.  Her background is, she went to that ward’s Christmas party and wanted to know the true meaning of Christmas. So at the baptismal font, we told her. Christ was born to show us the way home. He lived perfectly and he was baptized. As we follow the steps in our own life, we will be blessed! She committed to a soft baptismal commitment!
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Other exciting thing, sister Gappmayer’s friend hosted a Japanese student, who happens to live in our area. We went and contacted them yesterday.
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Also we had a Meet the Mormons Movie night, and so many members and eikaiwa students had a great time. I can promise you that as you live what you believe, you will help others come unto Christ. I got to bear testimony of that yesterday during my talk at church!
Oh and I accomplished something off of my mission bucket list! We had two deaf people at church yesterday and I finally got to use my 手話 ( Sign language) !  It was awesome! I signed the hymns with them and everything!
Sister Hokanson🌺

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