Love of God changing our hearts



As you probably already saw on Facebook, my friend Moeka got baptized! She has a wonderful glow about her now. She can’t stop smiling and she feels embraced by the young women. That is t the best part of the story! Her dad has had a bad image of religion his whole life and it was until a few weeks ago at the Mochitsuki party, that he started to change. He came to church to see what it was like. He gave her permission to get baptized as long as she followed it for life. He came her baptism and cried as she was introduced, baptized, and during her testimony. And we presented Moeka with a present.

When he looked through the book he could really feel our love for her, and Gods love for her. He wanted to come to the FHE activity we had yesterday, but due to work couldn’t. He wants to meet with us to thank us for what we’ve done for Moeka. He has no need to do that. We love her because she is a daughter of God. We are looking forward to the day, when her and her entire family can enter the temple.

image1 (10) image2 (7) image4image1 (11)


Sister Hokanson🌺

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