The Promised Land

Dear Everyone!
I can’t remember what I wrote last week because we have been crazy busy. Please forgive me for restating things if I do. Monday night we went housing and it was way hard! I was a little shocked, only one person let us fully introduce ourselves. Everyone else, just shot us down, yelled, slapped a sliding door, etc. so then my companion said. “Why? Why is it so hard? ” I replied, because we are about to find a golden person who is ready to hear our message from the start and Satan just wants to crush our hopes so we won’t keep looking.
Then on Tuesday we had some time before our appointment, did some knocking on doors, no one answer until we got to one on the second floor. This time I felt l should say, Hello, we are missionaries of a nearby church and we came here today to ask you what your image of God is. The little intercom turned off and she walked right outside! It was a Pilipino lady who hasn’t been to church in awhile because her church is far. We were able to invite her to church and ask for permission to come again. She is Catholic and her husband usually turns away people from other religions, but he wasn’t here today. We introduced her to the Book of Mormon, but didn’t have it in her language so she said we can come back for sure!
Then Wednesday we went to an area just filled with apartments. We knock on the first door and it is a colleges age girl who listened to our message and when we testified of the Book of Mormon, she commuted herself to read it everyday. ( this happened before we offered to give her the book!)
I also forgot to say, but on Tuesday night, I took my first Spanish class of my life! We have a member here that has been teaching it so we can use it as a tool to get people into the church building and feel the special spirit here. Anyways, no non-members came that night, but (back to the other story) after talking to the college aged girl, the next door we knock on is a family from Peru! She can understand a little bit of Japanese, so I introduced myself in Spanish and said this is my favorite book! ( but we only had it in Japanese, awkward…) so we are going to go see her on Saturday and bring our Spanish speaking member! Too bad I can’t just call for my cousin serving in Mexico! That would be even easier! There are so many people who speak Spanish here! I’ve only met 5 people who speak French! I studied the wrong language in High School. But French and Spanish are similar so it is easy to read. 🙂 but yeah it would be way fun to Hermana Hokanson’s companion again!
Wow this is a novel, I am sorry! So one last quick miracle, we went to game afternoon at the church and an Eikaiwa Student came. She quickly announced it was her birthday! Well luckily, right before  our appointment fell through, so we invited her to go get Dinner! I strongly believe, in the time we talked while waiting for our Tai Food, she opened up like she never has before and asked about what missionaries do and about the church. It was amazing. So lastly, we asked her if missionaries have ever given her the Book of Mormon, they haven’t so we gave her it in Japanese, and I had a little English one that I’ve been studied from in the MTC. I offered it and she really wanted it. Notes and all. She also committed herself to read it in Japanese and English in one year!

Oh sorry, one more miracle! Our recent convert is 75 ish. Our current investigator is older than that. We were debating on asking her to join in our lesson, but she said she would. She studies so much during church that by the end she looks happy and tired. Anyways we had a joint lesson and really taught how to pray by reading and applying Alma 34:17-28. Her testimony and thoughts were so wonderful! If she didn’t join in, we would have never gotten the opportunity to see how much the gospel has already changed her life! As for the investigator, she is starting to understand the importance of praying to God to show her faith in Him.
This is on the train ride to Takao for splits. It feels like we are taking a train ride through Provo Canyon! image2.JPG


It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.
Luke 4:4


Sister Hokanson🌺

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