March 16, 2015

Also we had some awesome time finding this week. Sister Kaizaki and I tried to view every contact as a lesson. We’d knock on doors or just talk to people and really try to help them realize we are messengers from God. We ended up finding a lot of potential investigators! 
The thing I learned the most this week is covenants. Elder Russell M. Nelson and his wife, came to Japan and they did the first Japan wide broadcast from Tokyo. All the saints from Okinawa to Hokaido were watching! It was such a great experience! His wife talked about the one Adjective that Christ uses to identify his people. Any guesses? 
Covenant . He calls us his Covenanted people. We made covenants in the pre-each life. And we make more here. The importance of baptism is, it is your first covenant with God in this life, and it puts you on the path to make more covenants. One of my favorite songs is, Savior Redeemer of My Soul. The last line of this song says, “And fit me for the life above.” The way God 「fits」us for the life above is by covenants. The path is straight that leads to heaven. We should always be preparing ourselves to go to the temple. Through Christ’s Atonement we can go to the temple in confidence that we are cleaned from sin. What an amazing promise! 
I had an investigator ask me this week, why must I repent if I have not sinned? Sin in our eyes and in the Lords is different. When we follow his ways we are being righteous, when we aren’t we are simply sining. Some people are scared of repenting because they think it shows weakness. I am grateful for repentance because I know God can take my life and do something more with it than I ever could. 
Anyways that is my thoughts for this week! We have another double mission conference on Wednesday! Maybe I’ll see Sister Athay and Elder Johnson there ! 

Sister Hokanson🌺

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