Week 6 of transfer 11

Hola! ¿Como esta?
Hello Friends and Family! God has really been blessing me with the
language this week. For some reason I attract a lot of Spanish
speaking people. We have some Spanish speaking (only) investigators,
and then on Sunday a new Sister came to our ward. She just moved from
Washington Marysville Spanish Branch. The bishop’s wife called
and asked if any of the 8 missionaries in the ward speak Spanish. Well
odds are, all of us took different second languages in High School!
What are the odds!

Well luckily lot of members speak Portuguese , which is similar
enough, so that worked out! And while I sat by this sweet sister I was
frantically searching Gospel Library for the Spanish section. I was
able to flip open the hymn book, look at what song we were singing in
English. Type that into Google Translate and then search the Spanish
Hymn book for the song. And then I attempted to sing along with her.
Then in gospel principles I was reading through the book in Spanish
and luckily it resembles French a lot, so I could understand it!
Miracles! And when she talks really slow I was able to translate a bit
for her! Wow! I’m still shocked about this miracle! And I’m also still
waiting for Hermana Hokanson (my cousin serving in Mexico) to get her transfer call to Kofu!

As for the rest of last week, I can’t really remember what happened,
we went to the temple, did you get that picture yet? Here it is,

image1 (13)

image2image3 (7)

Sister Hokanson🌺

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