April 5, 2015

Well, today I woke up and felt old. It is the start of the new
transfer. We got transfer emails today and I am staying with my
companion! Just like predicted! We’ve decided we are going to have the
best transfer ever! We’ve been remembering that we can’t do this work
by ourselves. This is the work of the Lord and we are therefore are
promised his help. And he has been helping us a lot!

A couple of weeks ago we decided to knock on some houses, and there is
an area full of apartments, so we felt prompted to go there. We met
one man who liked to talk about religion, but he doesn’t want to do
anything about it. Faith is definitely an action word and he just
didn’t have it yet. We committed him to read the Book of Mormon (which
he received like 10 years before) to build his faith, in the future he
might change.Then on the way back we ran into some kids from our
English class. They were playing with some neighbors. And we didn’t
think anything of that day until this week!

This week, the neighbors came also to English class and game
afternoon. There I talked to the mom of the friends, and she hated
religion and church. If people came to her house, she wouldn’t talk to
them at all, but when she came into the church building to join in the
fun activities the spirit touched her heart and her image of religion
has completely changed. We invited her to come on Sunday, this week
she is busy with her kids starting school, but she committed to coming
in the future!

I know that it is important to create an environment for our friend to
feel the spirit and come closer to Christ. I am so grateful for all
the church edifices we have around the world. We are so blessed!

Also I am grateful for Ward members reaching out to our friends who
are learning about the church. They need help. It is hard to change
your life, even if it is for the right reasons. They need support.
This last week we had an activity with the ward members where we ate
lunch under the Cherry Blossoms! Are friend Midori came also! It was a
great Time! Our recent convert Sister Suzuki was also there, she is he
nice lady in the world! She also has the strongest testimony of prayer!


Sister Hokanson🌺
image1 (15)image3 (8)

image1 (14)image2 (8)


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