You can put your trust in the prophet!

Dear loved ones!

Kofu is really growing on me, I might like it better than Hodogaya…
Well maybe it is a tie. Both areas are wonderful! But I’d be so happy
if one of my siblings ,in the future, served in Kofu! The bishop and I
are pretty tight! He calls me 雪乃姉妹 (Sister Yukino).

So, on Wednesday we are completely busy, and had some time to visit a
person that pervious missionaries have found. We decided to walk over
there and there is no one on the street! But if we started knocking on
doors, we would not have enough time to get there, visit and return.
So we kept going and then we just felt like we needed to stop. We were
on a little road with no one. And there weren’t houses by us. Then we
see two girls! So we stop and talk to them. And it turns out they’ve
been to a church before and wants to come! Not only that, it turns out
they live right next to the church! We are hoping to see them sooner
than later. 😁

So then that night, I talked to a new student at English Class. It
turns out she is a members’ friend and she loves to sing hymns. So
then she starts singing my favorite hymn! It was a cool mini miracle. I
called the member that night and we are setting up plans to help her
friend! Member-missionary work is the best! Missionaries always
transfer, but if they have a friend they can lean on for support, it
will help them so much to come unto Christ.

Oh I can’t remember if I said, but I am staying with my companion for
this last transfer! We took some pictures today to celebrate!


Sister Hokanson🌺

image1 (16)image3 (9)image2 (9)


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